13 Jan 2011

Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’

euphorbia blackbird

I have always held a soft spot for the genus Euphorbia – commonly known as the ‘Spurge’ family, and grow no less than five within Teza’s Garden. There is something mesmerizing about their near chartreuse flowers that appear in late Spring, often completely smothering a plant in brilliance!

This smaller selection offers attractive deep purple foliage that grows in rosettes along erect stems which contrast brilliantly with the bright lime-green flowers that appear from March to May. A sport of the popular variety 'Redwing', it forms attractive mounds of evergreen foliage which colours best in full sun.

It looks good in winter containers with spring bulbs and winter pansies, or towards the front of a mixed border with yellow flowers or plants with bright green foliage. This plants recently won a prestigious Gold Medal at the Plantarium Exhibition in The Netherlands.

Specs: 50cm x 50cm. Appreciates full sun but will tolerate a partly shaded location. Beware the white sap if the stems are bruised. For many it causes irritating and painful rashes! Hardiness Z6-8. This mesmerizing beauty will require adequate winter protection in Z5 or lower to ensure survival!

Available at LittleTree Horticultural Spring 2011


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Anonymous said...

It looks great with 'Crimson Pigmy' Berberis and other dark maroon foliage and contrasts wonderfully with chartreuse goodies like Leycesteria formosa 'Golden Lantern.' How's that for an earful? Hurry up spring!