30 Jan 2011

Looking Back: An Escape from the COLD!


Bless you Grace for reminding me that not everyone experiences winter in the same fashion. Bless you for boasting about your 60 freaking degree weather, while I’m sitting at 16 if we’re using Fahrenheit! In all seriousness, you’d have to go a lot further to get beneath my tough, somewhat frozen exterior! You are one of the best!

Decided I’d escape for a few minutes. I was pondering posting more Wish List items, but alas, winter, here at least, remains in its infancy! Lots of time to tantalize and torment the seasons in February when winter really settles in for us in the GWN [Great White North – thanks Joy!]

DSC_0675Deutzia x ‘Magicien’


Primula vialii


One of the hardest areas of the garden – its at the entrance to the Shaded Walk and well, with size eleven pontoons strapped to my feet, lets just say they can get a wee bit destructive at times. I do love the fabulous chareteuseness of Filependula ulmaria ‘Aurea’ ; and to the left of it is where the near black Iris chrysographes resides.You can see the pink of Primula vialii and in the foreground are two new ferns that I added this past season – their name escapes me at the moment.

DSC_0852DSC_0864 DSC_0861 Ahhh, now the bones aren’t feeling the cold quite as much!


Sheila said...

Spring will come sooner than you think!

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Mm, very beautiful flowers..

Anonymous said...

Would you believe I came indoors last night with plant debris in my hair and inside my bra? TMI! Yes, the weather was wonderful. I don't know what we did to deserve this little prelude to spring but you won't hear me complaining. Today is a foggy and chilly 42 so winter isn't over yet... I think you're doing the right thing, keeping your sanity by keeping your summer photos close to your heart. It's what I'm doing too. ... Gosh I need to find that Deutzia!