13 Jan 2011

Phlox ‘Shockwave’

phlox shocxkwave

I will be the first to tell you that it takes a most unique looking Phlox to capture my attention! A true garden stalwart, they seem to come and go with little or no fanfare. Something tells me that this recent introduction, with its glowing yellow and green variegated foliage might just be the one to wake up the country club! One of the most frequent complaints from enthusiasts is that the stems are often too spindly and weak to support the often oversized flower-heads.  When it comes to ‘Shockwave’, fear not! Part of its sales-pitch is that it remains vertical throughout the entire growing season. The other query is, ‘but is it mildew resistant?’ While one cannot guarantee such, this one is touted to be amongst the most resistant on the market!

Giant 8" wands of everlastingly fragrant lavender blooms [indeed, they pack an olfactory wallop all season long!] are packed with 1/2 inch flowers that offer a stunning show in your garden - and welcome the butterflies This easy-to-grow perennial phlox thrives in full sun to part shade and is quite tolerant of any soil provided the drainage is consistent. Bring in the fragrance with stunning cut flower bouquets with blooms lasting for 7-10 days in the vase.


1-1.5m height and width. Zone 4-8. Grows best in full sun, but is known to perform adequately with partial shade. Enjoys humus rich, well draining soils.

Coming to LittleTree Horticulture Spring 2011


Anonymous said...

With foliage like that, who needs flowers?

One said...

I'm looking out for purple and white flowers to add to my garden. I have too many yellow and red already. Your phlox is beautiful but may not survive the hot weather here.