21 Mar 2011

Helleborus Magnificum


Ahh! The first of the ‘I see, therefore I must have’ plants of 2011. I have been waiting ever so patiently for the release of the new ‘HGC’ series of Helleborus, especially Helleborus ‘HGC Pink Frost’, pictured to the right in this photo. A breeding breakthrough, it represents H. niger x H. lividus, and as you can see the results are nothing less than stunning! To keep this blushing Princess company, I have added Hellebrous ‘HGC Spring Promise – Bridget’ and Helleborus ‘HGC Winter’s Bliss’


Helleborus x ericsmithii ‘HGC Winter’s Bliss’ [also known as ‘Champion]  offers latge creamy white flowers with a lime yellow centre, and blushed pink reverse. Its handsome dark  evergreen foliage is an added bonus on a plant that maintains a short, spreading habit. Notably, as with many within the ‘HGC’ collection, this gem possesses forward facing flowers and blooms within its first year. Hardy to Zone 4, part to full shade in moist, well draining soil.

DSC_0574 Possibly the most talked about new release where Helleborus are concerned, is this fabulous pink beauty, Helleborus ‘HGC Pink Frost’ which marks the first cross between Helleborus niger [perhaps the hardiest of all within the genus] with the sumptuously breathtaking Helleborus lividus, known for its delicate beauty and nature [Zone 7-9] To be offered the best of both worlds should delight most Helleborus aficionados!

DSC_0571 And then there is Helleborus ‘Spring Promise Bridget’ would remind you of Helleborus walhelivor ‘Ivory Prince’ excepting that its flowers tend to be heavily blushed with pink whereas ‘Ivory Prince’ is more cream and apple green. This beguiling single flowering species offers flowers in muted shades of white, cream and light pink. Dusky pink buds above evergreen, leathery dark green foliage, with blooms appearing in late Winter and early Spring. Methinks I am in love yet again!


Anonymous said...

A helluva hellebore!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie I can't tell you how excited I am about capturing Pink Frost (I almost wet myself when I saw Floral and Hardy had it .. it wasn't there when I made my previous order and Betty was a gem to add it to my order with no problem) but OH !! I wish I had your other ones as well : ) they are gorgeous ! .. I am keeping them in that long stone bed at the side of the house where some morning sun gently kisses them and then they have their quiet shady retreat all my hellebore are there so I can truly compare how they do individually and as a group! .. I am so excited but if it snows again like yesterday I am going to CRY !!! aarrgghh !!

Barbarapc said...

Happy sprinter Barry! That's a fabulous Hellebore. I'm rethinking sections of my garden - and think I definitely have room for some Hellebores. The leaves look a bit burgundy too? Have put it on my list.