20 Apr 2011

If You’re In My Neck of the Woods…..


If you’re in my neck of the woods [specifically near to LittleTree Garden Market in Fergus, Ontario] next Wednesday – April 27th at 7pm, chances are our paths will definitely cross!

I’ve done my very best to bite my tongue, abstain from cursing, resist the urge for whining – any and all of the above when thinking about our unseasonably cold and wet weather, but alas, its time to put it all behind me and move forward!  

On Wednesday evening I will host '’Barry’s Perennial Pleasures – New and Exciting Discoveries’ where I will introduce my guests to the list of new and exciting plants that will be gracing the benches of LittleTree this coming gardening season! Here are a few photos to whet your appetite and tempt you like a silken haired siren!

petunia phantom  Actaea_Misty_Blue_thumb acanwhitewater2_thumb[2] blue poppy

Echinacea_Irresistible_3631 Vaccinum Pink Lemonade

euphorbia blackbird helleborus golden sunrise

HelleboruslividusPinkMarblesmall HelleborusPinkFrostINT_thumb[2]

4573-larix-kaempferi cornus_kousa_samaritan

If you’re in my neck of the woods, please drop in and introduce yourself and be tantalized with my growing selection of rare and unusual perennial pleasures. Plant material will be available for sale at the conclusion of my seminar.


Anonymous said...

I won't be there in person but I'll be there in spirit. The plants look interesting!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barry : ) are you going to blog about it too please ? I want to know exactly what you are talking about since I can't be there in person .. like Grace, I will be there in spirit .. we will throw virtual popcorn at you so you feel the "love" LOL
Joy ... hehehe