13 Jun 2011

A Nap Amongst the Foliage


I stumbled across a shoal of icy blue sea horses as they cavorted amongst the seaweed green. Tumultuous waves of stress dissipated into thin air

DSC_0588   If I listened carefully, I could hear the gentlest vibrations of a bell being struck, so delicate that a nearby spider web gently vibrated as if someone had expelled a sudden stream of breath

DSC_0592 My mind wandered away from my body, pausing to imagine what it must be like to traverse the length of such a frond, all green arms ready to surround, tickle and caress its captive.

DSC_0594 Were it not for the narrow green stem holding it captive in it’s pot, I think this startling whipped buttery yellow ‘moth’ just might have taken flight! I hope that I have coaxed it to take up residence here in my garden for the time being.

DSC_0599 If feathers belonged to plants, I think this would compare with the magnificent plumage of a peacock. I find myself staring, losing myself to the pull of Nature’s green magnetism.

DSC_0601 I was reminded of why Abies koreana ‘SIlberlocke’ first captured my attention when I knelt in humble supplication before its cones that are changing from mint green to bluish purple before my eyes!

DSC_0602The chattering of a multitude of voices filled my head. I expected to see tiny mouths and eyes attached to each cone!

DSC_0596  ‘Midnite Prairieblues’ while suspiciously similar in hue to ‘Purple Smoke’ filled my heart with whimsy. With its delicate pea-shaped flowers, I expected to be caught asunder in a writhing mass of thread like tentacles!

DSC_0606  Why does the theme song of ‘Petticoat Junction’ always pop into my head when I stumble across this delicate Dicentra? My laughter permeated the silence of the garden, if only ‘briefly!’

DSC_0608 I am always reminded of the beauty that a ‘touch of class’ can bring to the garden. A flower this delicate never fails to stop me in my tracks!

DSC_0610 Little blue and white smurfs in another part of the garden must be quite peevish that someone has stolen all of their caps! My favourite Aconitum amongst a horde of blue helmets! Toxic beauty personified! Don’t hate me because I am deadly!

DSC_0614 I awaken and realize that I must have nodded off. The chirping of crickets and the gentle fluttering of wings greets my return to the here and now. Only a gentle indentation of the grass where I lay remains. I feel refreshed and revitalized, calmed of my recent stress. I have only my garden to thank!


cheryl said...

Your photos are stunning Barry as are your descriptions. The colours in Abies koreana could only be captured by one who understands the plant. Wow, gorgeous!

Grace said...

Gorgeous photos. Thank you for taking us into your world for a few minutes. 'twas a peasure.