23 Jun 2012

The Sublime Mrs. Harvey


Meet Clematis ‘Mrs. Harvey.’ A delightful beauty is she not? Thanks to garden friend Barry Parker, I added this to my must have list before attending this year’s Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Sale in May. Lucky for me there was one left when I made it to the booth specializing in climbing vines, Clematis in particular! So stunning she is, I think it is worth another view! Sigh! This dramatically stunning Clematis was discovered by plantsmen Christopher Andrew and Christopher Graham next to the garden of the late Mrs. Anne Harvey, a renowned Clematis connoisseur and collector in Kitchener, Ontario, whose collection was donated to the RBG in Burlington, Ontario.

Belonging to the ‘viorna’ group, the nodding bell shaped flowers with divinely flared and ridged edges begin a darker blue toward the top of the flower, fading as it progresses towards the base where the twisted tips closely resemble the swirling skirts of a flamenco dancer! Sublime to say the very least!  With a height between 2.5 – 3m, this June through September bloomer is a perfect addition to any garden, especially one where blue is a favoured colour!  


Thanks Barry for the wonderful heads up to this stunner!


Barry Parker said...

Hi Barry,

Glad to hear that you're liking Mrs. Harvey. I checked on "Clematis on the Web'" and noticed that they list Mrs H's parentage was crisp x unknown. Although I would guess that integrifolia must be in there too.

Marie said...

Great choice Barry!