26 Jun 2012

‘You’re Listening to ‘Through the Garden Gate’ on 92.9 The Grand FM’

Prowse Garden 025_thumb[3]

Come next Monday evening between 7-8, if you’re listening to 92.9 The Grand FM – Wellington county’s newest radio station located here in downtown Fergus, Ontario, chances are you’ll be listening to a new gardening show that yours truly will be hosting! Its a throwback to my college days when I studied radio, television and journalism! Back then each student hosted a one hour radio show, transmitted from the colleges very own station. I am chuffed [to borrow a term from Deborah’s latest post] to say the very least and thrilled that I will have my employer as a guest co-host when I need a helping hand. Nervous to say the very least, but I am confident that, similar to my loyal clients at work, I will be able to rely on the wonderful residents within the listening area to assist me on this new journey of self discovery.

DSC_0012 My intention is to have a special guest every week as well as to introduce listeners to regular segments that will include one that I have been toying with for a few years: ‘Botanical Trespassing.’ I have always thrilled at peeking over the garden gate into gardens of the area that have captivated my attention! [Those who know me realize that subtlety is not one of my strong suits!] If I see something that I like, I am likely to scale a wall to gain access! I hope to be able to interview the owner of some of these gardens in hopes of learning more about them, the creators of such wonderful green spaces, as well as to get an up close and personal opportunity to see and photograph the gardens. Some of our most loyal customers at LittleTree have already extended invitations to view their gardens, and I will simply take it one step further and nudge open the garden gate as it were!


 Green Pages will offer the latest magazine covers from the newsstand as well as a garden related book review, Plant of the Week/The Garden Community will introduce listeners to a new and exciting perennial selection as well as offer a bulletin board of upcoming events, and Through the Garden Gate will focus on the garden during the current listening week. I am really excited and hope that those of you who are within the listening area will tune in. 


Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

It sounds perfect for you! Wish I could tune in.
Now that you are such a celebrity, I hope you will have time for a repeat visit back to LH, I am coming back in August.

Barbarapc said...

I'm delighted for you. Well done. I studied film at Concordia a zillion years ago and am having fun playing with video - have to remember that I'm selling houses for Kevin and not creating the next Winter Light. So looking forward to tuning in and finding out whether you were arrested or not on the previous night's garden crawl.

Best wishes!!!!

garden storage said...

Lovely garden! I love all the greens. Nice post.