10 Sep 2012

The Kindness In Solidarity: Thank You One and All!


I compare my gardening friends to the ripples that undulate across the surface of a glassy lake after a pebble has been dropped. A cascading effect that is far reaching! Imagine my surprise, delight and the sense of solidarity I experienced today when, answering the phone at work, I spoke with gardening friend Barry from Toronto. He’d read my latest post and was calling to voice his concern and anger!

DSC_0015 I’d been frustrated, angry and confused when I’d created the post and really hadn’t given much thought as to how my followers would respond. The kindness and concern that was evident  from the responses that I have received thus far was yet another reminder of the solidarity that exists amongst gardeners, both near and far. Those whose faces I recognize, and those whose voice I sometimes try and conjure in my head. I sometimes marvel at the number of ‘followers’ that read my humble blog, and am constantly and pleasantly surprised when people recognize my voice from the radio show! My ‘gardening family’ have come to my aid in what is perhaps the most terrifying and tumultuous ordeal of my gardening trajectory thus far!

DSC_0020The turmoil of days past is subsiding, albeit slowly, and I have a clearer mind as to the options that lay before me. I am going to continue with my plan of relocating the most precious of precious [the damned recurring nightmare of a stranger digging up Acer campestre ‘Carnival’ in the middle of the night still haunts me!] to a zone of safety. As for the remainder, I am going to wait it out. If the call does come, I have a steadfast network of friends who have all volunteered ‘temporary shelter’ for my children until a long-term solution becomes available. The heart bursts with thanks, the eyes well….. and I said I had my emotions under control. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will keep everyone updated as to the continuing saga! In the meantime, who could possibly be immune to the mesmerizing beauty that is Anemonopsis macrophylla?


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I'm glad your gardening friends are with you as you await the news of the neighbors' wishes. It's always nice to receive such encouragement.

Beautiful Anemonopsis.