27 Dec 2012

A New Year In the Wings….

The oldest nephew is lost somewhere in the world of Halo 4, playing online with a friend who is in Florida, the youngest is playing Natural Selection on his PC – the one with the recent gift of 1 TB [Terabite?] of memory! [I wonder if this improvement is available for memory-failing Uncles?] My sister is busy ‘changing out the clothes’ – a somewhat grueling task of sorting through the new clothes the nephews received and removing the old, to be sent to the local thrift shop in the coming days. Brother in law is anxious to start playing D & D with the boys, while helping Mom with the sorting and keeping everyone fed over the holidays. And me?


Spent yesterday evening sorting through presents, – a wonderful botanically themed selection this year – pillaged the bookshelf, [an annual event whereby a group of unsuspecting bookish-type friends find themselves with new books to read in the coming year! Its like a cookie exchange without the calories!] started the Thank You cards, and sorted through the photographs of the past three days worth of festivities. Oh, and I keep gazing towards the tree which in the coming days will inevitably be stripped of its festive garb and be discarded outside where it will await the wood chipper that will hopefully transform it into a beneficial mulch [that will smell of lemons and oranges] for the garden…. or, it might be kidnapped and put in my room! [So say my concerned family, afraid that I might be soon suffering from detachment anxiety!]

DSC_0111 And of course, now is the perfect time to work on a couple of new Power-point presentations to add to the library for what I hope will be a busy ‘talk circuit’ in the coming year! The radio show has come to an end, at least for the time being….. I am eking out the possibility of doing an internet show in its place, with the possibility of YouTube episodes being available by late summer. Fingers crossed! Here is wishing my follower friends the very best for 2013!


A light blanket of snow overnight, windy and cold. But meanwhile indoors…..

DSC_0133Agave ‘DL’ is all sharp barbs and fabulous powder blue. I worried that she suffered being outdoors this summer where she was almost drowned on that rare occurrence of rain – one must remember to check for drainage holes in the fancy new pot – but has since bounded back. And then I spotted this……

DSC_0135 Not the greatest photo, but those delightful green buds belong to none other than Cypripedium formosanum – a recent investment from Fraser’s Thimble Farms. I  must get it transplanted in the coming days and get some fish emulsion fert for it.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello sweetie!
I owe you an e-mail and I swear it will come in the next few days .. I am so excited for you with the promise of such a gorgeous rare orchid birthing in your room there ..is there nothing more exciting than waiting for that to happen ? LOL
The Christmas tree looks gorgeous and yes .. mulch will be perfect .. the smell will be too ! I love the scent of wood chips(yes a woman said that .. but you have to remember she is a gardener ? haha)
I think you must have had some nice holidays and did you get the huge dump of snow we have today (27) ?
Now that is good cover finally for the garden!
Have the "bestest" New Year possible sweetie ... funny enough in the year of the snake? LOL
Joy : )

Gardenbug said...

Sorry to hear about the radio show...but I'm certain you'll keep us entertained somehow!

I saw that owls were on sale as I passed by the store. Laughed out loud!

Your agave is lovely! Ric drills holes in the bottom of pots for me on occasion. :)

Seeing new shoots pop up is a thrill, whether orchids or annuals. Hey! It's winter and almost anything green is good!

Hang in there!utchti 57

Paul Jung said...

All the best for 2013, Barry. I always enjoy reading your gardening exploits in Fergus throughout the year. Thank you for making the effort to post. Wishing you a thick layer of protective snow!

danger garden said...

Lovely photo of Agave 'DL' with the sun! (something I've seen far too little of lately)...Happy New Year to you!

outlawgardener said...

Aww Rats! I loved the radio show. Hope you have a great 2013 & thanks for posting your exciting indoor happenings. Plant wise I meant. What were you thinking?