16 Jun 2013

Thrice Blessed!


I would like to think that my Meconopsis x sheldonii ‘Lingholm’ bloomed three times for my Grandmother, Father and myself! I would like to think so, and therefore I do! [Blooms two and three are a week after its initial bloom!]

DSC_0138 DSC_0139 An abundance of rain in the past week has encouraged a number of my favourite kids to begin blooming their heads off. Clemmie recta, Baptisia twilight, Paeonia GB, the list is endless!

DSC_0142And even a few oddities are blooming for the very first time, including Dracunculus vulgaris, also known as the Voodoo lily! Yes, I am aware of its unique propensity to smell like rotting meat during the pollination process – but one has to admit that it does have a bizarre reptilian beauty about it! [Okay, and yes, I will admit that there is something strangely phallic about it as well! We all know that sex takes place in the garden as well as the bedroom! Oh, grow up people!]

DSC_0150 DSC_0183 DSC_0154 DSC_0155DSC_0156I was delighted with a happenstance planting of Nectaroscordum and Gillenia trifoliata that has allowed for a reverse image photo sequence that actually highlights the always difficult to photograph Gillenia flowers! And who isn’t charmed with the delightful turk’s cap pink flowers of Lilium martagon!


My clutch of garden serpents continues to increase as seen here with one A. ciliatum var. lubiaense open and another not far behind! Yay! Their fabulous whorled leaf pattern is a dead giveaway that a clutch of these magnificent beauties is close at hand!

DSC_0166 DSC_0168 I have always enjoyed the view of the shaded garden when looking back to front. The idea of coming out of the darkling wood into daylight has always been a wish of mine…. sadly the ‘wood’ portion of the last sentence is somewhat lacking!

DSC_0178 The recent addition of Cercis canadensis ‘Greswan’ [Burgundy Hearts] is helping to increase the presence of trees that will one day increase the amount of shade on the property! One can never have enough, especially for one who considers himself part vampire! Its not hard to see where this hardier version of C.c ‘Forest Pansy’ takes it name from! Sublime!

DSC_0180 DSC_0186 Cedrus Snape is showing lots of new growth which is a sight to behold as I have been worried that I wasn’t watering him enough! He resides on a covered veranda in a pot after all!

DSC_0171 DSC_0189Another visit with the kids always leaves me with a smile upon my face!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie I am totally jealous of your gorgeous kids !
Your grandmother must be smiling over the blue wonders flowering for you like that !
I am making a note to make sure and order that gillenia but in pink if Chris carries it next year at Canning .. I am kicking myself for missing out this year.
This cool rainy Spring has done wonders for our gardens hasn't it ?
Fingers crossed it won't turn into "summer hell" ? haha
Joy : )


Hi Barry. Sorry I've been away so long (again). I had my first face-to-face encounter with Gellenia this past Saturday while garden touring. I was very impressed and totally understand the alure. The plant was too big for my garden though unless I undertake a major redux. I'm much too lazy for that. Great post! I'm glad the weather isn't hot and uncomfortable. Hopefully this will continue.

Barbarapc said...

Barry - three blue poppies!!! Marvellous. I'm hoping there will still be some to photograph in Quebec in August, but until then, your's will do perfectly. Love to see how the light hits the Cercis. Definitely has to be part of my garden redo. At the moment my garden looks like a version of "Exterior Hoarders" Spent 3 hours in a section 10x15 and found all sorts of things I had completely forgotten about hiding under bigger and stronger plants. The construction continues and the orange plastic fencing around the property are doing little for my mood. Up for a plant day sometime in July?