27 Jan 2014

Lust List 2014

eskimo sunset

I’ve got me a serious lust-on for “Eskimo Sunset,’ the delightfully tricoloured member of the species Acer pseudoplatanus! Does it actually look like this? I know for a fact that it does as I’ve seen one up close and personal! The delightful pink, green and cream splashed foliage retains much of its magnificence throughout the season, and as can be seen in this photo, the reverse of the leaves take on a dark pinkish wine colour as the season progresses, making it a sure money showstopper all season long. It is a slow growing member of the Acer family, attaining a diminutive height and spread of approximately 3.5m x 2.5m in ten years – making it the perfect specimen tree for the smaller sized garden. As with all variegated foliage plants, it is best to protect it from the hot, burning mid day sun. It is hardy to Zone 4, making it a definite consideration for the die hard tree connoisseur.  A little secret between you and me…. I’ve lined up a source for this stunner, so it will be part of our 2014 inventory at Cedar Spring! Something tells me our arboretum might be the perfect spot to showcase its beauty!

SetWidth600-Acer-platinoides-Esk-Sunseteskimo While on the subject of all things pink, green and white, how about Acer palmatum ‘Ukigumo’ which is also known in the trade as ‘Floating Clouds’ Japanese Maple.

acer_palmatum_ukigumo_120 Another slow growing Acer, this charmer has delicate foliage that emerges pink and cream with a pale green background. It too demands a partially shaded position to ensure its foliage does not scorch in wind or hot mid day sun! I have been enamored of this guy for quit5e some time and am thrilled to include him in our 2014 nursery stock inventory. He is said to attain a height and spread of 2m x 1.5m in ten years, ensuring that he is the perfect accent piece for a partially shaded Japanese themed garden. How thrilled am I to finally have the space [albeit as part of our ever expanding display gardens at the nursery!] to be able to grow two long time lust list favourites!


Large_ (2)For me, myself and I, [lust lists are always all about Me! Me! Me!] I have been scouting out a greenhouse for my back yard. This one is 2m x 2.75m with an easy to access door, roof top ventilation as well as side shelves, perfect for a propagation project that I hope to have underway in the coming months. There is something bordering on the insane when you rely on a three tiered bakers rack that precariously balances between the bed and a bookshelf. I have already awoken to the sensation of having been buried alive when the burden of weight has caused it to lose its balance in the middle of the night! Granted I love my plants, but to share a bed with them……. well, it depends! Are they blue? Kidding!

Its a crazy small list this year! I know! Greenhouse alone clocks in at close to 1G. By rights, that would eat up my budget. BUDGET! How I rue the word and all of its annoying connotations! Please tell me I am not the only one!


outlawgardener said...

I love and grow both trees on your lust list. Alas no greenhouse yet. The leaves of my 'Floating Clouds' emerge very white and make it appear as if the bare branches are blooming. Shortly, the pink splash comes on and later the green. It lights up a semi shaded corner of my garden all summer long! Heres to a fabulous new garden season!

gardenbug said...

This is the time for that list Barry!
I'm afraid tree repairs are all that will fit within my budget this spring. In fact, my budget won't begin to cover the damage.

cheryl said...

That is a stunning!!! specimen. You have me seriously pondering having an arborist come in and do the dirty deed. I know they will rebound but I hate to loose the shade even for a season. Then again if I could enjoy species like that it would be worth it. Back to the garden porn and dreams on a snowy night.