24 Nov 2014

What A Difference Three Years Can Make!

 Three years ago I was graced with my very first Anemonopsis macrophylla bloom, a solitary effort in what was a predominantly perpetually shaded location. Granted, he'd been smothered by some of his neighbouring siblings, but he'd also come with a dire warning: 'He's a shady character like you, a vampire of sorts. Sunlight is anathema! He will burn to a crisp!'

The following year, against better judgement, I decided he needed to be moved: he was being suffocated where he was, and I could not bear having to toss my body into gravity defying shapes in order to capture his flowers [single up to this point!] with my camera. He also needed to have a placement front and centre in hopes that one day soon he would live up to his potential! The three photos above show what happened in year two!

Three years later and both plant and gardener are at their happiest! He continues to provide me with weeks of anticipation when his swollen purple infused buds appear, and then three weeks later, I am graced with no less than thirty stunning flowers...... a far cry from the first trio of photos in this post. It just goes to show what proper placement and patience can do for a gardener and his most adored treasures!

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Tsiil said...

Interesting! Did you move your Anemonopsis from shadow to halfshadow?
The plant is very beautiful!