20 Feb 2015

Love The Life Under The Visible Leaf!

It is actually a play on words using the title of a book that I am currently reading: 'Under The Visible Life,' by Toronto author Kim Echlin. I have juxtaposed the word 'leaf' in place of 'life' in order to create what I think will be my garden manta for the coming garden season. Love the life under the visible leaf.

Texture has always been an important element here at Teza's Garden. Gardening on a predominantly shaded property, I learned rather early on that the mixture of shape, texture and colour would far eclipse the presence of a flower. In my garden, flowers are the fleeting surprises that await me throughout the season: my garden's insistence that I take the time to stop and observe the subtle beauty of a shoal of icy blue Corydalis 'Blue Panda,' the exotic orchid like blooms of Bletilla striata, or the delicate white flowers of Dicentra, whose shape more resembles a pair of white undies than the more traditional hearts, from whence their common name is derived. These subtle nuances all occur in and around the cacophony of visible leaves.


I look forward to this representation of foliage every season, and as the years have passed and new plants are added, whilst others silently disappear, I have come to appreciate how together they create a song of their own. There are few flowering plants present here, and I find myself having to tear my eye away from so many shapes and colours of leaf in order to appreciate their fleeting presence. I like to use these two photos as a way of showing customers that you can create dazzling visual displays with nary a flower in sight. Love the Life Under the Visible Leaf!

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