7 Feb 2015

Why I Smile So Much In The Winter!

My friends are forever asking me why I smile so much more
in the winter than any other time of year?

To me its so obvious! When I think of what I have to
look forward to in my Spring garden....

Seriously people!
How can one not smile?

Spring is my favourite season in the garden.
My children have slumbered through the
long cold winter,

And have been coaxed from their sleep
by the melodious trilling
of musical notes
that only they can hear!

Yawning and stretching,
they push up through the
dark, moist soil,
hoping to bask in the beauty
and warmth that is the

I try and greet each newly emerged arrival
with a gentle caress
and a smile,
Thrilled to witness the
return of a most beloved


And year after year,
with this same silly grin on my face,
I pause to contemplate
life without my
[the smile disappears!]

And then I spot these two!
How can one's face not break
out in a 
Just look at them!

1 comment:

Barbarapc said...

Barry, when I read your title in the blogroll I thought, "It's because he and Santa shared a good laugh, and his face froze." Alas - this is much better. Spring, green, colour and the mornings of bliss and amazement as we walk through the gardens to check in with the kids. More winter destruction on the home front - plumbing issues - income tax stuff almost done, can hardly wait to put myself into design mode and figure out how to make my garden sing again.
Best, B.