11 May 2018

Mother Is Out of Rehab...... Finally!

It has been a most eventful Fall and Winter for me! I started my own online hand dyed yarn business in September, which has flourished to the extent that I now have my yarns available in yarn shops in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, North Bay, Ontario, and as far away as Annandale, Australia! To top it off, I have returned to work at the garden centre here in town, Little Tree Garden Market, which means I am working with beloved friends again, and can walk to work in ten minutes!  Life for me has been SWEET~

Mother Nature on the other hand..... seems like her twelve step programme needed to be revisited this past five months! There was a threat of frost even last night, though I think my garden missed it! Thankfully, as many of my beloved treasures have emerged and are cavorting with one another in the garden.

I am forever enamoured of the beast like presence of Dysosma versapelle. Often confused with Podophyllum plieanthum, he is a show stopper every year. It well may in fact be one in the same, but I do not like to give in to the naysayers, so for me, he is forever Dysosma Dude!

The true ephemerals are putting on a stunning display for me! The Epimedium, Trillium, and even the Hyacinth bulbs are all in their magnificent glory. There is something about having red, white and even pink Trilliums this time of year!

You all know my obsession with all things Helleborus. I truly love the newer double flowering varieties from Marietta and Ernie O'Byrne in Eugene, Oregon. I want to say this is.... well, I really don't recall the name but he is a show stopper is he not?

Speaking of the O'Byrne's, if you get a chance you really must check out their new book: A Tapestry Garden is published by Timber Press and offers a delightful insight into the creation of their beloved nursery and property. I am half way through and enjoying every minute of it!

Now this IS a Podophyllum most definitely, and one of the pricier ones at that! For years I coveted gardening friend Marie Holt, for her large patch of Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty.' She had purchased it years earlier, and was shocked to hear how much the current going rate was. I resisted, but last year, thanks to some extra 'mad garden money' which I pilfered from the yarn business, I decided that enough was enough! I needed to add him to my collection. Look at that hirsute, mottled foliage.  

I also decided, with a large degree of trepidation that I needed to try another Erythronium. I had tried E. dens canis to mediocre results in the past, but when I saw that Lost Horizons had E. 'Joanna' in their catalogue last year, I had to have them all! And look at the stunning display that I have this year!

Veratrum nigrum is the perfect substitute for the ubiquitous, yet oh so yarn inspiring Hosta! Do you not simply LOVE that amazing pleated foliage? And when he is happy, he sends forth towering flower spikes covered with deep wine coloured, star shaped flowers. Known as false Hellebore, he is not easy to find, but when you're at Lost Horizons looking for the Erythronium, grab a few of these beauties!

Helleborus 'Sparkling Diamond,' is another of the O'Byrne collection, and truly is one of my favourites. Something about the pristine, truly double white flowers that just screams elegance!

And last but not least, Paeonia mlokosewitschii, or 'Molly-the-Witch' as she is commonly known, with a deep bruised purple spike of Polygonatum "Betberg' shooting up from her centre......... two more of the 'must have, and lusted for years before I took the plunge,' plants that cause a stir whenever anyone spots them in the garden!

I will try and come back on a monthly basis to update, but yarn and a busy garden centre season have to come first...... ciao!

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Oh my goodness there you are ! .. I am totally jealous of those gorgeous "children" .. I have had my eye on the double hellebore and so wish I could add some to my collection and you are so right about Sparkling Diamond .. I thought it was a show stopper too .. that pristine white in double form grabs me like no other.
Sadly my hellebore are not up to snuff this year .. the weather really bamboozled them.. and me ? LOL
Congratulations with the yarn business !! that is AMAZING !! I am so happy for you Barry .. will you remember me when you are a big wig ? ;-)
Thank you so much about my photo .. I just about keeled over when Lark contacted me .. it was a thrilling experience .. as I said my 15 minutes of fame done and dusted, but yours is to come yet with the gorgeous yarn you create .. kudos my friend .. ah ! It couldn't happen to a nicer friend of mine ;-)
Now for the garden season .. fingers crossed right ? LOL ... keep in contact OK ?
Eddie ... hahaha