9 Jun 2013

Missing My Grandmother: June 09, 2013

DSC_0224June is a difficult month – there was a time, up until nine years ago that the first two weeks of June included the birthdays of my Father, my Grandmother and myself. We usually picked the first weekend after the second to celebrate all three. Now I celebrate in solitude and remembrance. This year I was privileged to have Meconopsis x sheldonii ‘Lingholm’ to keep me company. His petals are a shocking blue, similar to my Grandmother’s mesmerizing sky blue eyes that you could sense upon you from fifty yards!

It was she who first introduced me to the intoxicating world of gardening, and who I credit with my ‘turning’ to the ‘dark and shadier’ side of gardening. This and so much more! Grandmother, mentor, friend, confidante. The list seems as endless as the blue sky that stretches for eternity above my head.

DSC_0220DSC_0217Nine years later I still miss her, but know that every time I walk among the ‘children’ here in Teza’s Garden, every time I pick up a trowel or watering can, every time I stop to admire one of my multitude of blue flowering kids, she is there beside me - a beatific smile on her face and those dazzling blue eyes holding me firmly in a moment of fond remembrance.  



danger garden said...

Oh man...to go from such a happy time of the year with the people you love to having it be such a sad time.

Thankfully you have moments with her in the garden still, I had this too with my grandfather and I know how valuable they can be.

Happy Birthday to you, early? But the wish is the same.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sweetie .. I am sorry this is such a sad time for you but it is mixed with such happiness too, isn't it? .. You have such wonderful memories of your grandmother and what she did that impacted your life so dramatically .. she gave you your inner happiness, the love of plants.
That is such an amazing gift with such love. You are so lucky .. these times are also filled with such thoughtful love and appreciation .. that is what you can focus on and be happy about!
Joy : )
Gorgeous BLUE pictures !!

Barry said...

Joy and Loree: Thanks so much for the kind hearted comments. Difficult time it is, but I have my Grandmother to thank for my love of plants. I think my obsession with the colour blue is a subliminal method of remembering her amazing eyes!