15 Jan 2011

Deutzia x hybrida ‘ Magicien’



In my mind there are but a handful of shrubs that if stranded on an island, I would insist they keep me company! The variegated A. campestre ‘Carnival’ would definitely top my list, and after careful consideration, this selection would rank a close second. Sadly in my mind this genus gets a bad rep from most gardeners. Granted, I’m not a fan of ‘Pink Pom-pom’ and ‘Chardonnay Pearls’ looked stunning its first year and steadily declined the next two, but when it comes to this one – I’m waiting for it to pull a rabbit out of its hat!

There is everything to love about this plant. A classic Lemoine hybrid [1925] with breathtaking pink and white striped flowers. Its upright habit makes for a wonderful specimen when grown to its full potential of approximately 2m. Handsome slightly rounded foliage is reminiscent of the family that it belongs to –Hydrangeaceae – and like those wonderful garden stalwarts, it does well in a partly shaded location.

Coming to LittleTree 2011.


Full sun to part shade in average, well draining soil. 2m by 1.5m. [best if grown as an architectural specimen in the border] Z5.


A Year In My Garden said...

You always have a lovely choice of planton your posts. Stranded on an island I would choose something a little more edible than the deutzia - but I admit it is very pretty and I think I could squeeze one into one of the beds out back

Anonymous said...

I needed more garden space. This is just lovely.