16 Jan 2011

Diervilla ‘Cool Splash’


Most gardeners are familiar with Diervilla lonicera, the North American native that is one of the true workhorses when it comes to erosion control – hardy as far north as Saskatchewan, Canada. – that is commonly found in cool, moist woodlands.

Cool Splash’ is a new cultivar within the D. sessilifolia family. Clusters of yellow trumpets cover bright variegated foliage throughout May and June. It is a fast growing deciduous shrub that prefers a lightly shaded placement with a well draining soil. While it appreciates consistent moisture upon planting, as it matures it will eventually tolerate drought-like conditions. Like other members of the genus, it may produce suckers, capable of creating a dense bush, but with proper maintenance does not pose a serious threat where invasiveness is concerned.

Being that the genus is native to wooded areas, this smashing beacon of light should be planted with other shade appreciative plants. Try it under a canopy of conifers or with Amelanchier [Serviceberry] or Chionanthus virginicus [Fringe Tree]


Mature height of 1-1.5m with spread of approximately 2m. Hardy through Zones 4.8. It does appreciate a well draining, consistently moist soil upon planting, and requires a partly shaded placement to ensure that its bright but delicate foliage does not scorch!

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Anonymous said...

...with a variegated shade grass like a Carex or Hakonechloa of similiar coloration...ooh, la, la!