17 Jan 2011

Hosta of the Year: Praying Hands


Over the years I’ve discovered that there are some things in life that elicit very strong emotional responses from people: you either love it, or hate it! I mentioned in a previous post that to date I have slowly accumulated five different Hostas within Teza’s Garden. Its taken me close to five years, and for me this is a big step.

Without a doubt, this is the one that elicits the most response from visitors: ‘Oh, it looks sick!’ ‘When are the leaves going to open?’ ‘Leave it to you to fall in love with the ugliest Hosta imaginable!’ No word of a lie! For me this is a perfect representation of the age old adage - ‘Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.’

It definitely represents an unusual form, unlike any other [I think this is what first attracted me to it!] with a distinctive upright, vase form. Each leaf is rolled and folded into a tubular shape, highlighting the distinctive veins on the reverse of each leaf. Each green leaf has a thing whitish gold edge. This is definitely one for the collector! Be forewarned – I’m on a mission to hawk enough to merit a fanpage on Facebook!


A mid-sized Hosta with a height and spread of approximately 40cm. Part sun to shade, it enjoys humus rich, well draining soil. I have planted two in containers so that I can highlight them front and centre for their unusual appeal! [Remember, Beauty is in the….]

Available at LittleTree Horticulture


Anonymous said...

Count me as a lover. The vase shape and narrow lightly tipped foliage make it a stellar specimen in my book!

A Year In My Garden said...

That is a lovely hosta - I have six or seven different vareities in the front garden and they create a semitropical effect - I love the purplish leaves in the post above this one as well - your blog is a treasure trove of plant ideas