17 Jan 2011

Hosta Trifecta


As a shade gardener, there was a time when I vowed to find something other than the ubiquitous Hosta to fill my mostly shaded borders. Surely there were more exciting offerings out there! And then on a cool, rainy day as I wandered row upon row of them, I found my heartstrings being tugged, ever so gently in their direction. Three years later I boast five [okay, so we start slowly!] of which this is one of my favourites!

I added this one to our inventory last year and was more than surprised with the response! For the Hosta connoisseur comes this diminutive sport of H. Little Sunspot, known as ‘Trifecta.’ Word has it that its the very first truly three coloured member of the genus: green, yellow-green and cream! For once, I’m actually impressed with the somewhat pale lavender flowers appearance against such deliciously bold foliage. [I’m usually the first with the battle cry ‘Off with their heads!] It forms a low mound, making it an ideal edger for the shade border.

The heart shaped foliage has snow white centres with a fairly wide deep green margin, with a unique golden colour that divides the margin and centre colours, thus giving the tri-coloured appearance. Height of approximately 15cm-20cm.


Height and spread of approximately 15-20cm. Perfect for the front of a shaded border or as a container planting where its unique tri-coloured foliage can be fully appreciated. Hardy to Z4. Enjoys well draining, humus rich soil. Protect from slugs throughout the growing season!

Available at LittleTree Horticulture

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Anonymous said...

Lots of wonderful hostas out there. The while-leaved ones are not typically my favorite. I prefer the green and chartreuse selections. Just a personal preference. Plus I find that they're more easy to color echo.