26 May 2011

Chelsea’s New Darlings

Anemone ‘Wild Swan,’ the winner of this year’s coveted Plant of the Year at Chelsea, is on the tip of everyone’s tongue as news of it’s triumphant win begins to spread through the world of horticultural interest, so it should come as no surprise that it caused a rather substantial blip on my radar!

Liz MacGregor bred this stunning beauty for Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants, and is said to be the result of breeding spring and fall flowering Anemones together! The wonderful two tone flowers [white above and a subtle mauve-purple beneath] are said to bloom from May through to October, making this a definite all season showstopper in the garden! Sales are expected to be nothing less than brisk when the plant goes on sale next year! And now I have my first Wish list plant for 2012.

verbascum blue lagoonSay Barry, have you happened to have seen that startling blue flowered Verbascum? Excuse me? Thompson and Morgan placed third with their smashingly divine selection, Verbascum ‘Blue Lagoon.’ The hairs on my arms are still standing tall! MUST HAVE THIS PLANT!

Sadly, I was unable to uncover a photo of the second place winner, Saxifraga ‘Anneka Hope’ bred by Matthew Ruane for Kevock Garden Plants.

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Barry Parker said...

But which two spring and summer blooming Anemones??