25 May 2011

Vicarious Gardening

DSC_0598  I have one of the best imaginable jobs, ever! Imagine if you will, being able to talk gardening eight hours of the day, not only with favourite clients, but with virtually total strangers, who over the course of a gardening season quickly become gardening friends. Gardening friends might I add, who graciously open their gardens for me to visit!


No two gardens are the same, nor for that matter are any two people that one meets during a day at the garden centre. It has been a wonderful learning experience for me, one whose proclivities tend to lean towards the shadier side of life!


And yet each of the gardens that I have been privileged to have gained intimate access to, all speak to me on a deeply subconscious level that only a fellow gardener would be able to understand. Did I mention that I have the best job ever!


Grace said...

You are pretty darn lucky, aren't you? :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barry sweetie you DO have a wonderful job but those customers have a wonderful opportunity with having met YOU and receiving all the help and knowledge you bring to the table.
So they are very lucky, as well as your employers! .. I love that you have the chance to see these other gardens and feel each one individually because you are so right about each gardener and garden being different.
You are one lucky friend of mine!
So I have to live vicariously through your postings on these amazing gardens ! ;-)
Shady gardeners are in their own right, very special creatures.