13 May 2011

My Shimmering Beauty!


 Allow me to boast, if only for a moment! Please? Arriving home from a day spent in D’s fabulous gardens, I decided to sneak a peak and see how the flower bud of Glaucidium palmatum was doing! Need I say more?

DSC_0600 Something tells me that my Meconopsis will have some serious competition if and when they bloom! In the meantime, I also added another long lusted after prized possession to the garden as well:

DSC_0578 Acer campestre ‘Carnival’ has been on my MUST HAVE list since first stumbling across its diminutive beauty in the display gardens of Lost Horizons. A sublime variegated Hedge Maple, its strikingly variegated foliage emerges with delicate blush pink edges that eventually turn a creamy white in colour. Because of this, it requires a partially shaded placement to ensure that it [foliage] doesn’t burn or scorch with the unforgiving noon day sunlight. Somewhat of a shady character if you will! How appropriate! 1.5m in height, I am looking to the day when it will help to camouflage the bland white siding of the neighbors house. Four years I have been trailing this rascal, and finally, thanks to the great people at Canadale Nurseries, I now have one to call my own!

DSC_0603 I was this close to picking up a much smaller specimen at the recent Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Sale, where, after spying it hidden toward the back of a table of rare and unusual trees, was dumbfounded to see it priced so cheaply! [$33.00 – an absolute steal let me tell you!] Luckily for me, logic prevailed and I passed it over for this beauty that had been patiently waiting for me in the protection of the annual house. Every morning we exchanged greetings, until finally my boss suggested it come home with me. She could see or sense the separation anxiety perhaps?

Time to call it a day. Nematode spraying tomorrow if the thunderstorms hold off long enough!

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