14 May 2011

Independant’s Day: Thank You!


In a nutshell, our very existence relies upon gardeners like yourself, who, when selecting plants for their gardens, look to people who spend their livelihood growing and nurturing a comprehensive selection of not only the ‘tried and true’ selections, but will also provide you with ‘something a little rare and unusual,’ if only to give you a gardening challenge.

You are the gardener who enjoys coming into the garden centre with one dimensional dreams, confident that our competent and knowledgeable staff will be able to help you turn these dreams into three dimensional reality. You are the gardeners who demand top quality products, who are willing to spend a few more dollars if it equates to a plant that will survive more than one season.

DSC_0680You are the gardener who comes in looking for one associate in particular, confident that they will be able to answer all of your questions – regardless of how inane they might appear. You are the gardener who thrills in stopping by, if only to let us know that you’ve managed to overwinter that Zone 7 beauty that neither you nor the obsessed perennial manager could resist. You are the gardener who, as hard as it might be, goes out of your way to learn the botanical latin name of at least one plant a year! You are the gardener whose face lights up when we know you by name, and better yet, ask how that somewhat lackluster Beautybush is faring a year later!

You are the reason that we are here. You make our job a pleasurable joy! We would not be here without you, and for this we give thanks!

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