5 May 2011

When A Garden Speaks Your Name


With some gardens, its a virtual shout - ‘Hey you, stop what you’re doing and pay attention!’ With others its more subtle, more a gently whispered entreaty to take the time and notice with hidden pleasures of the world right before your very eyes! Such is the case of this wonderful riverside property that I have the privilege of being care-person for. A client from the nursery asked if I was interested, and after speaking with another favourite client, I couldn’t say no. One look at this magical property and you will be able to see why!

DSC_0577Located on the bank of the Grand River, this property offers a hypnotic mix of sun and shade – with a heavy emphasis on ‘shade!’ The property is on a gradual decline towards the waters edge, moving from a magical woodland towards a relatively flat expanse of architectural grasses flanked on either side by stately golden Salix pendula.

DSC_0580  When D purchased the property sixteen years ago, from an elderly woman, the gardens were completely overgrown – in desperate need of reclamation from an ever increasing wilderness. D, an interior designer and patroness of the local arts community, dug her heels in and went to work creating a bewitching canvas integrating stone throughout the property which has allowed for ‘rooms’ to accentuate the landscape.

DSC_0582 Located at the end of a short lane, the property offers a much envied sense of privacy all the while being close to the heart of the small arts driven community. Spring is a magical time of year in any woodland garden, and this garden is no exception. Hundreds of bright flowers ranging from Narcissus, Primula, Pulmonaria, Fritillaries  and Helleborus to name but a few, dot the landscape, creating pockets of hypnotic interest to a shade inspired gardener such as myself.

DSC_0583 DSC_0598Mid- morning is a truly magical time in the woodland, with the shadows mingling with the gentle rays of sunlight cascading through the canopy not yet obscured by the foliage of numerous deciduous trees on the property.

Stay tuned for part two of this bewitching garden tour!

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Anonymous said...

And I see no snow in these photos. Could it be that you're finally in the throes of spring? If so, hooray!