5 Jun 2011

Ginger Who?


When I tell people its a Ginger relative [Zingiberaceae] I’m met with stares of disbelief, but seriously people, would I consciously lead you ‘down the garden path?’

Roscoea cautleyoides is an absolutely sublime genus originating in the Sichuan and Yunnan regions of China. Arising from easily separated tuberous rootstock, with upright stems reaching to 60cm in height after flowering, bearing three to four narrow leaves to 30cm in length with stem clasping bases. Handsome enough in its own right, but it is the extending inflorescence of pale [whipped buttery yellow you know!] yellow orchid-esque flowers that bloom from May until August that stops visitors dead in their tracks every single time! While some sites list its difficulty as being for ‘experienced’ gardeners, I have to say that any partially shaded site with adequate moisture and good drainage is likely to result in blooms such as the one that I am enjoying at this very moment! Usually available as bare root, ensure that you follow the planting instructions and bury it deep [16-20cm] when planting! Undoubtedly the most beautiful Ginger I know!

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Grace said...

She's a beaut all right.