10 May 2013

‘Sweet Baby Jesus, Not A Moment Too Soon!’


I’ve been patiently [ok, so I lie!] waiting for a package that would contain a replacement lens for the camera. A nasty river bound tumble this past February left the body of my trusted companion Nikon in one piece, but the lens did not fare nearly as well! In the meantime Spring decided to pounce on us almost overnight, and thus the children decided it was time to frolic! As you can see the fair and beloved Glaucidium palmatum deservedly snagged the first photo op with the new lens!

DSC_0144 The Rare and Unusual border is absolutely stellar this Spring if a proud parent might boast! The Epimedium and Helleborus led the way and this week I am seeing even more favourites popping up all about!



One of two new additions to the garden by way of statuary is this adorable Buddhist novitiate that I spotted in a catalogue earlier this Spring while my boss and I were considering our order for Cedar Spring. How could I refuse?

DSC_0171I posted a photo this past December when I spotted this awesome Heron made from recycled steel. I left it out and have come close to the desired patina that I am wanting. But seriously people, back to the kids!

DSC_0143Polygonatum x hybridum ‘Betberg’ with his dusky purple bruised foliage has near tripled its size this winter. I have garden friends who have been eyeing its lustily, and in the fair spirit of ‘pay it forward’ [I was given my plant by fellow plantaholic Barry Parker] I am going to pot a few up this Fall.

DSC_0149In a moment of bemoaning, I was telling a friend how this delightful Erythronium japonicum was supposed to be pink, and she looked at me with a look of amazement on her face and retorted, ‘If I had anything even near as gorgeous as this blooming in my garden, I wouldn’t care if it was orange!’ It is moments like this when I realize just how blessed I am to have a garden that offers up its beauty expecting nothing in return!

DSC_0165I mentioned that the Epimedium have come into their own. This diminutive darling resides in the Garden of Memories, and is if I surmise correctly, E.brachyhizzum ‘Elfin Magic’. I will share photos of its siblings in the coming days.

DSC_0164     DSC_0156 DSC_0160Paeonia mlokosewitschii [Molly the Witch] has four noticeable flower buds. An oddity that is the mirror opposite of the Erythronium a few pictures back, Molly bloomed for the first time last year and was pink instead of yellow. Molly my beloved, I love you just the way you are!'

DSC_0159Paeonia x ‘Going Bananas’ [an Itoh hybrid] is looking healthy and happy as well. I so would love to have at least one yellow flowered species! No pressure, just saying!

DSC_0162Metasequoia glyptostroboides ‘Goldrush’ is showing signs of brightening up with each passing day. She is going to make a sublime contrast for the newest resident…… a hint that perhaps Loree will clue into…….. silvery blue needles with a stunning weeping, serpentine form…… shhhh! Don’t tell anyone yet Loree…… I need to get it home first!

DSC_0166DSC_0176 And now as I look outside I see that it is dark and the kids have settled in for another sleep. Mother Nature is flexing her authoritative muscle this weekend with a not so subtle reminder that we haven’t passed 24 May yet…… a call for the possibility of snow for Monday not to mention that nasty ‘F’ word……. fingers crossed she’s expressing her sense of humour instead! It is so good to be back among the photogs of the garden. I think the new lens and I will get along most famously!

Happy Mothers Day to all of my followers, to my own Mother, and to Mothers everywhere!



Hi Barry! Oh my a broken camera. How tragic. I'm so glad you have it back and just in the nick of time for some gorgeous photos.

I bought a Spigelia the other day. Just thought you should know that I'm still being influenced by you. :)

Absolutely NO snow or frost! You hear that Mother Nature?

danger garden said...

Okay mums the word...but seriously I do think you've talked about it a time or two...still can't wait to see pictures!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Polygonatum x hybridum ‘Betberg’ I adore you !! .. there sweetie, I have said it and will not take it back .. BIG sigh !
All of your kids look wonderful .. mine are doing well too : )
This rain has been the perfect element for the past two days .. I needed to do a lot of work inside the house .. now I can play outside, if said weather will play nicely too?
Enjoy you kids and we won't mention the "F" or the "S" word OK ?LOL

outlawgardener said...

Your kids are looking marvelous! I'm glad that you have a lens again so that you can share photographs like the doting parent that you are! Don't even think that F word!

gardenbug said...

An odd spring, but things are moving along surprisingly well. The Hellebores and Epimediums are wonderful this spring!I am so far enjoying mostly white blooms...including those trout lilies! ;)