18 Jan 2012

Joan Didion: l’heure bleue




 prowse grass entry_edited-1….You pass a window, you walk to Central Park, you find yourself swimming in the color blue: the actual light is blue, and over the course of an hour or so this blue deepens, becomes more intense even as it darkens and fades. approximates finally the blue of the glass on a clear day at Chartres, or that of the Cerenkov radiation thrown off by the fuel rods in the pool of nuclear reactors. The French call this time of day ‘l’heure bleue.’ To the English it was ‘the gloaming.’ The very word ‘gloaming’ reverberates, echoes- the gloaming, the glimmer, the glitter, the glisten, the glamour – carrying in its consonants the images of houses shuttering, gardens darkening, grass lined rivers slipping through the shadows….’

from the book ‘Blue Nights’ @2011


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Barry that last picture is one of my most favourite of yours .. it is the "gloaming" indeed !
Joy : )

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