9 Apr 2012

Prelude in Blue : An Excerpt from the novel ‘Sacre Bleu’ by Christopher Moore


This is a story about the colour blue. It may dodge and weave, hide and deceive, take you down paths of love and history and inspiration, but its always about blue!

gentianaasclepiadea2 How do you know, when you think blue—when you say blue—that you are talking about the same blue as anyone else?

You cannot get a grip on blue

Blue is the sky, the sea, a god’s eye, a devil’s tail, a birth, a strangulation, a virgin’s cloak. a monkey’s ass. It’s a butterfly,a bird, a spicy joke, the saddest song, the brightest day.

blue poppyBlue is sly, slick, it slides into a room sideways, a slippery trickster.

This is a story about the colour blue, and like blue, there is nothing true about it! Blue is beauty, not truth, ‘True blue’ is a ruse, a rhyme; it’s there, then it’s not! Blue is a deeply sneaky colour!

Copy of DSC_0321Copy of Copy_(2)_of_Corydalis_flexuosa_'Blue_Panda'[2]  Even deep blue is shallow

Blue is glory and power, a wave, a particle, a vibration, a resonance, a spirit, a passion, a memory, a vanity, a metaphor, a dream.

Blue is a simile.

Blue, she is like a woman!

[And in case you hadn’t noticed, blue, she is my favourite colour in the garden! So now, just what does this say about me as a gardener?]

DSC_0424Copy of DSC_0103DSC_0007DSC_0029[2]DSC_0258


CanadianGardenJoy said...

These blues are TRUE and amazing .. I have a few blues in my garden but perhaps not enough because when I look at all of these beauties, .. I go "blue" with envy !LOL

Helen said...


Barbarapc said...

The omphalodes verna is starting to bloom...always think of my favourite blue blogger Barry when I see the first blossoms break. Barry, what is that pretty pink flower on your side bar - looks aroid-ish.

Barry said...

Aroid indeed, it is my personal favourite amongst the Arisaemas - A.candidissimum. Magnificent large trifoliate foliage to a foot across when mature, with that sublime pink, white and green striped spathe. Got mine from Garden Import at Canada Blooms four years ago, and a second two years ago!