26 Jan 2012

Reading with Teza

The winter months allow me to catch up on my second favourite endeavor – reading - and this month has been most rewarding, especially with the potential arrival of two more books to add to my gardening collection!

guide to the flowersI am enthralled with the flora of Asia, with specific praise for the plants of China. Many visitors have commented that my garden might be a sliver of the ‘Mother of Gardens’ – as is how China has been referred to in many of my recent reading accounts. This new book co-authored by Christopher Grey-Wilson and Phillip Cribb [of ‘The Genus Cypripedium’ fame] touted to be the largest collection on this subject, is definitely a worthwhile addition!

greater perfectionFor two years I have been searching for ‘The Greater Perfection – The Story of the Gardens at Les Quatre Vents.’ Those who know me best would say it is because of the trademark Meconopsis on the front cover, but in truth, the entire garden fascinates me. I am looking forward to reading author Francis H Cabot’s description of not only the garden’s history, but also of it’s progression over the years as one of Quebec’s leading horticultural wonders!

Are there any new gardening books that have piqued your curiosity of late?

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