19 Mar 2012

Golden Lotus meets Onyx Odyssey: The First Photos of 2012!

DSC_0744Golden Lotus’ marks the first series of photographs for this the 2012 garden season! What can one say that has not already been said? The sumptuous fully double fabulously chartreuse flowers, in some instances such as this, the petals having a wonderful wine infused picotee edging! One of a delightful new series known as the ‘Winter Jewels’ by esteemed breeders Marietta and Ernie O’Byrne from Oregon, it has single handedly brought what some consider to be an ‘old lady’s garden plant’ back into vogue!

DSC_0725I have always loved this genus! I started my collection with Helleborus niger, the wonderful Lenten Rose, quickly moving to Helleborus orientalis with their wonderfully smoky plum coloured flowers, eventually headed towards the pinnacle – Helleborus thibetanus, a rare and highly sought after gem endemic to China. They are all happily part of the garden repertoire but I don’t think I shall ever be truly sated where this genus is concerned, especially not when such fabulous new introductions are crossing the benches in high frequency!  

DSC_0737  DSC_0738Need more convincing? How about ‘Onyx Odyssey’? The two cavorting in close proximity is nothing short of riveting!

 DSC_0728 Another ‘Winter Jewels’ selection with deep purple, wine infused fully double flowers, it shows up best when partnered with the bold and beautiful ‘Golden Lotus.’ Methinks this combo will garner quite a few photos in the coming weeks!

DSC_0730I am drunk in love with this elegant duo! A most esteemed ‘thank you’ to the O’Byrne’s for sharing such intoxicating plants with lust filled gardeners like myself!


Barry Parker said...

Interesting to see that when searching 'Jade Tiger' on Google Image, many of the pictures are yours and mine!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie I have these two and can hardly wait to see them bloom for me .. "helleborous niger" is blooming in that beautiful single white .. it stumped me for a moment because I thought "where did a white one come from?" .. then I remembered a late buy in the season,and it is smiling at me .. in this amazing weather they are all trying to smile .. I have gone through three very intensive clean up days in the garden and I feel very much like Eddie needing a ginormous Boly !! hahaha
These pictures are stunning : )
Joy aka Eddie ..wink wink