31 Mar 2012

‘I Saw An Angel’


You, sold yourself short. They bought every word as though they were beggars at the feast of you. With your blue as ice eyes, such a tragedy, so wise beyond your years, so full of realistic fears.

You, cried out loud in the night, a pretty tantrum when they wouldn’t let you fight this time. And I will watch you untangle this puzzle before you, as you try to get their attention, but they try to ignore you.

I can’t get enough to fill myself up, I could get drunk on the soul of the insulin poem of you. Lets overflow, because I saw an angel in flight, and I know I was right to believe. And I will watch as you struggle with all that’s inside you.

As you try not to move on with me standing beside you, But if you sell yourself short then they’ll never know. They’ll write you off as the boy that you told them you’d be. Yes you, and those blue as ice eyes.

What a tragedy, so wise beyond your years, and so full of realistic fears. Let go, abandon the fight, your pretty tantrums are a waste of what is right. Reach out your hand, and hold the night, this time.

-- lyrics to ‘I Saw An Angel’ from the movie ‘Lullaby for Pi’

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