22 Mar 2012

Meet ‘Cotton Candy’


Another of the amazing ‘Winter Jewel’ series of Helleborus x hybridus from the O’Byrne breeding program of Northwest Garden Centre in Oregon, this is ‘Cotton Candy!’ If you look closely enough you will notice a pale venation of pink down the centre of each of the petals. In time this will intensify so that the entire flower is suffused with a remarkable pale pink – similar to one’s petticoat!

DSC_0734DSC_0736  Our much milder than normal winter also ensured the survival of Corydalis curvaflora var. rosthornii ‘Blue Heron’ whose foliage in this photo is reminiscent of what it looked like in September of last year! I can hardly wait for its intense electric blue sea-horse shaped flowers to smother the plant!

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Darla said...

Your photos of the Hellebore makes me want to try growing them. You captured them beautifully on your other post as well.