26 Apr 2012

‘If Tomorrow Ever Comes….’

poly stenanthum  - GardenBreizh [Crug Farms Nursery]

As a child I developed a somewhat obsessive personality. If something attracted my attention, which I am told, was rather difficult, I would drop everything else and think only about that one object. Therefore it should come as no surprise that my mind has been preoccupied with – as the title of this post suggests - ‘tomorrow.’

aconitum incisofidum - tom hannink  Its like a pilgrimage back to where it all started for me. I spent the day closely monitoring the development of my ‘kids’ – hoping to come up with enough space to transplant what I hope will be the newest family members after tomorrow’s trip to Lost Horizons – a number closer to a dozen than not – but dependant on what is available at this time of year. An ‘inside’ source tells me that I will likely come away very happy! A trip to Lost Horizons with a Canadian garden blogger who I will finally be able to meet ‘face-to-face,’ how could I not be a very happy hoiti hort?

disporum_brachystemon I am hoping for good weather, sunny but not enough that it will wash out the colours of the display gardens, warm, but not to the point of having to traipse around with a jacket – we’ll need our hands for carrying other more important cargoes! I have the batteries for the camera charged, and hope that I’ll be able to give a more visual approximation of the Lost Horizons ‘experience’ than in a previous posting. I hope to get a chance to ‘interview’ Larry, the plantsman extraordinaire behind this enchanting woodland nursery, but know that Gabi will also be there. I thoroughly enjoyed her knowledgeable, friendly service on a trip last August, and have fallen hapless victim to her delightful blog Botanically Inclined, which I hope you will visit!

disporopsispernyi2 I think I will run through the catalogue one last time, to see if there is anything that I might possibly have missed, a plant or two that rightfully should scream my name….. problem is, I’ve been preoccupied this past few days…….

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Barry Parker said...

Don't forget I have 'Betburg' waiting for you.