10 Jun 2012



When the stars and the planets are in sync, wonderful occurrences are laid before your eyes! Such is the case with Arisaema ciliatum var. liubaense! I have been an ardent supporter of these slytherin beauties from the time I was a child, silently walking the darkling woods of Lambton County with my Grandparents, where I was first introduced to our North American native, Arisaema triphyllum. Lets just say the obsession has grown over the years!

DSC_0010From its starburst, whorled foliage pattern, the snake skinned sheath that protects the protuberance that juts forth from the ground in late May, to say nothing of the serpentine green, white and brownish purple spathe, with its somewhat flattened hood with the amazing whip like tip that can be 24cm in length…… what is there not to be enamored of? I only wish that I could have introduced this exotic beauty to my Grandparents!

DSC_0012DSC_0011  DSC_0017 Sorry Harry, but in this instance, the School of Dark Magic reigns supreme!


Michael B. Gordon said...

Really nice, Barry. Where do they grow and what is their hardiness? I want to try one.

Barbarapc said...

It looks like it's spreading nicely which is a bonus for something as lovely as it is. How tall does it get? p.s. The Rosedale Garden Tour - very nice of the 20/5 were done-by-owners - One had really good plant material, of course, by then the sun was blazing and the photos look like I'm photographing the sale table at Home Depot. oh well.

Northern Shade said...

That's a very nice looking Arisaema. I love the dark, striped colouring. I lost my last Arisaema over the winter, but I'd like to try some more. Do you know how hardy this one is?

Barry said...

Northern Shade:
I do not think it would tolerate below Zone 4 to be honest. I have it situated between two houses where there is no wind.