8 Aug 2012

‘Fifty Months and Counting…..’

SSPX0094 It started off looking like this….. fifty odd months ago, Wayne and Kim purchased a house here in Fergus. In a previous life the property had been smack centre of a railway line, hence the elongated berm that runs down the length of the back yard. First came a gazebo with its pergola.

SSPX0098 Next came the pond…. the same one that Wayne attests to falling into at least twice a year! Its definitely big enough – some three odd thousand gallons in all! Who needs a pool when you…. oh wait, there actually is a pool as well!

SSPX0099 As the hardscaping took shape, beds and borders were added. It was early on and while Kim had some previous experience with gardening, this was very much going to be the first down and dirty attempt at creating their very own green sanctuary! Who doesn’t remember the first, well, the first fifty months!

SSPX0103 Early on it was decided that Wayne and Kim weren’t going to fight against the steep incline of the property. With a magnificent stand of mature Norway Spruce the runs the length of the left side of the property, they soon discovered that shade was an element that they would have to learn to appreciate!

SSPX0117Weeks turned into months, months into years and as both Wayne and Kim grew more comfortable and confident, their garden oasis morphed as well. Wayne admitted to being the DIY person - ‘or at least until I realized that Kim wasn’t going to sit back and hold the tools for me!’ A quick shake of the head before Kim interjects: ‘That is definitely not who I am! Over time he [Wayne] realized that I wanted to be involved with every possible aspect of creating this space.’

SSPX0124  SSPX0125 DSC00710 2012 shows a lush green living space that combines the very best of hard and softscaping – amazing plantings incorporating annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees.

DSC00700 It is also the year when Kim proudly boasts that ‘there is no grass in the back garden! None!’ A dream that I one day hope to emulate! Amongst the delightful plantings are Magnolia, Metasequoia and Rhus typhina ‘Tiger Eyes’ whose combination in the central border ensure year round interest not only in colour but also texture! A delightful Juniperus that came from the ‘hospital’ section of local garden centre LittleTree Garden Market!

DSC00729 DSC_0012 Recently, Wayne and Kim were the lucky winners of a $500 gift certificate from LittleTree Garden Market. It was refreshing to see the prize go to one of our loyal and recognized clients. I thought it might be fun to go and visit their garden and also have them as guests on ‘Through the Garden Gate,’ my weekly radio show! The following are photos from my recent visit:

DSC_0016DSC_0018 Please tell me that is NOT one of those damnable ubiquitous garden gnomes!?! Ok, so Wayne remains insistent that there is at least one hidden on the property!

DSC_0020 DSC_0022 DSC_0028 DSC_0033 A clever way of disguising a somewhat unappealing drainage pipe. Because of the central berm, most spillover from rainstorms tends to collect at the back fence, the lowest point on the property. I thought this to be a wonderful testament to Wayne and Kim’s ingenuity! It seems that fifty months later, they’ve hit their stride. With Kim’s continuing ‘visions’ and Wayne’s DIY skills, it will be interesting to see where this wonderful garden property goes next! Thank you Wayne and Kim for allowing me entrance to your backyard sanctuary as well as agreeing to appear on my show which will air Monday, August 15th. Tune in and discover how two independent, strong minded gardeners found a higher ground that allowed for them to create a perfect garden oasis together!

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What an amazing transformation & stunning garden!