20 Aug 2012

Foxwood House: Past Perfections

Foxwood House In an earlier post, I introduced you to the magical property that was Foxwood House, located in the rolling countryside that is  Mulmer Township. The property itself was located near Creemore.

e9a_Nymphaea I think this is where I left off in the last post. Another welcome batch of photos awaited me when I returned from lunch today. Imagine an eleven acre property, with a pond that itself took up two! You could float my entire property in the lily pond! That’s just green envy rearing its ugly head!

We now move on…..

AGOivyonShademasterLocustShademaster Locust Trunk covered in ivy.

harvest boy_03  Harvest Boy

Statuary is an important element on a property of this size, but for many, it is an element that brings with it fear and trepidation. Too big and it distracts from the gardens themselves, too small, it gets lost. Too grandiose and it becomes ostentatious, too kitschy and well, it remains simply that! [I too have learned many a valuable lesson: a naked male torso, does not add the desired effect to a shaded Rare and Unusual border.] Inge and Don, artists in their own right chose pieces that added a timeless charm to the surrounding gardens, as witnessed here with ‘Harvest Boy.’

realfrogonstonefrog   Comedic extras come free of charge as this photo can attest. I don’t think the photographer positioned him or herself on the edge of the pond, waiting anxiously for such a composition to unveil itself!

g 2 The billowing seed heads of Miscanthus sp. announces the transitioning from Summer to Fall at Foxwood.

g9_Wisteria A fabulous white flowering Wisteria looks to be afloat atop the garage. In constant possession of an eye for detail, Don and Inge allowed for it to grow up through the overhang to cast its magical spell on the unusupecting visitor, such as myself!

meconopsisI’ve been waiting ever so patiently for this photo! Could a consummate plantswoman such as Inge not grow the elusive Meconopsis? Don’t be ridiculous! Here’s the living proof!

HexPond by walkway

Foxwood Winter '03 And in Mulmer, when the snow decided to fall, it fell with a frenzy, magically covering every and anything in its wake! [This is what I’m personally hoping for this coming winter!]

By the pond Unless you knew that this was on the edge of the two acre ‘pond’ you might envision the perfect trail for cross country skiing!

austrianpine Even a majestic Pinus nigra found itself overwhelmed by the snow of that particular winter!

Buck10pt. trouble A rural setting such as Foxwood was an open invitation for wildlife, such as the appearance of this graceful, regal buck.

onthe trail

Winter Walkway  All of this snow is making me shiver! Snow. We all remember what snow looks like, right? Mother Nature – you’d better be paying attention this year! We not only like and want snow, we and our gardens NEED it! Please.

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outlawgardener said...

What a shame that this home and garden have been razed! What is being done with the property?

Male torso - desired effect. I suppose it depends on whose male torso. Might just be desired after all... as long as he's not stepping on any plats, dammit!