17 Oct 2012

End of the Line 2012

DSC_0026 The gardening season is slowly coming to its inevitable end for another year! When the Cotinus foliage begins displaying its magical golden inlay, you know the days they are a dwindling. I thought I’d visit the kids one last time and capture whatever last minute poses of posterity that I might find. I sense a change in the air where the gardens are concerned for 2013, but have decided to forego worrying and see where things land next year. Its too easy to try and predict what the new neighbors will or will not say in regards to my overzealous planting scheme. Life is simply too short to worry over such things! I will have a garden regardless: it might be smaller, it might not!

DSC_0016  As with most of Nature’s amazing foliage, this is the time of year when it truly comes into itself! Paeonia x ‘Going Bananas’ still hasn’t graced the garden with one of her buttery yellow blooms, but when you witness the wine infused foliage, so dramatic amidst the golden foliage of Carex ‘Bowles Golden’ and one my the numerous new Epimedium that joined the retinue this year, its almost worth it in and of itself! One day I will have a bloom. In the meantime, keep leaving my breathless with your magnificent Fall display!

DSC_0021I added two Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’ this year – one that will remain in the garden throughout the winter – and the other that has now come inside in a container with E. ‘Ascot Rainbow.’ I am loving how ‘Blackbird’ is taking on turquoise blue colorations, not to mention the red flames of its new growth.

DSC_0022Euphorbia ‘Helena’s Blush’ over wintered last year and was a slow show this Spring, but is would appear that she has found her footing! This remains another of my favourite genera in the garden!

DSC_0029 Cercis of my heart continues to dazzle me on a daily basis. This is still rather whip-like in appearance, but it has started to branch out quite nicely over the past year. He is definitely one of the jewels that will be moved should his safety [placement] come into question next Spring!

DSC_0027 Aconitum is the very last of the perennials that I cut down each Fall. I was pleasantly surprised this year to find that most all of my seven species bloomed. In past years I fell victim to wilt in early Fall. More gardens need to make use of this wonderful blue-purple beauty that blooms when almost all else is finished.

DSC_0033 The ‘Walk of Hidden Treasures’ – that controversial planted area that may or may not change its appearance in the coming year. I wanted a posterity shot just in case….. [Note to self: move the reflecting bowl inside this week!]

DSC_0031Next year’s Perennial of the Year: Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’ turns such a magnificent shade of yellowish gold! I despise these designations in general but have to admit that any and all members of this genus deserve/demand inclusion when creating a shaded woodland garden!

DSC_0035DSC_0036Thalictrum is another favourite and it too gives its all in the throes of the dwindling days of Fall!

DSC_0038An interesting composition showing Tricyrtis still in bloom combined with a pale Polygonatum and Gillenia trifoliata acting as the central element. How I adore this plant!

DSC_0037    Tomorrow I’m off to the hardware store to stock up on the large paper leaf bags. In a matter of days the gardens will be put to bed for the season. A million thank you’s to my ‘children’ for continuing to mesmerize me on a daily basis over what could be considered a somewhat ‘difficult’ gardening season. Here’s hoping for a more ‘agreeable’ one in 2013 for so many obvious and not so obvious reasons! Sleep well my precious beauties!



Northern Shade said...

The foliage of Paeonia 'Going Bananas' looks great, a very saturated colour, and it does look nice surrounded by the other contrasting leaves. I really like Epimedium for the shade garden, and they make a nice ground cover.

The colour of 'Blackbird' really grabs your attention. It an unusual colour, and the hints of red in the middle really set it off.

I hope that all works out well for your garden.

Helen said...

I was admiring a Euphorbia very much like that in a nearby garden today. If it's 'Helena's Blush' I might just have to get one, for obvious reasons!

outlawgardener said...

What a beautiful send off! Your photo of Cotinus foliage is gorgeous as are all the rest. Autumn is such a bittersweet season. Hope next year is 100% better for you!