14 Oct 2012

Tripping Over Thanksgiving: Part Four- A Nature Walk At Kinburn Mill

DSC_0143For those who forgot that we are now solidly into Fall, here is a brilliant, vibrant reminder! 


I found myself dreaming that I lived in this refurbished mill. How gorgeous would that be, with soaring twelve foot ceilings, hardwood floors and limestone walls! Alas we could only peek in the windows.

DSC_0150 DSC_0149 How easy would it be to lose yourself in a setting such as this. I have always believed that I possess what I refer to as the ‘Grizzly Adams’ gene – you know the one, where you up and disappear from the trappings of an over populated, over technologized society and in every sense of the phrase, ‘head for the hills!’ And so, head for the hills we did!

DSC_0154DSC_0158 M and E leading the way. I am directionally challenged at the best of times, so find it easier and more comforting to follow behind. So long as I didn’t lag too far behind……

DSC_0162Of course, with scenes like this one awaiting me at every turn it was easy to lose myself and then I would have to trot to catch up. Thanks to M and E, I was already wary of the mangy, rangy foxes! [Don’t ask!]

DSC_0169DSC_0170  Mother Nature provides such amazing photo opportunities that can never be replicated!

DSC_0171 DSC_0172 This stump was for me one of the highlights of our walk. An interior designer couldn’t have replicated what Mother Nature left for me had they spent a million hours. It was so absolutely perfect!

DSC_0179What the hell are you doing? Can’t you see I’m indisposed?’ In actuality it was M’s way of impressing upon me [or trying awfully damned hard!] the beauty of Juniperus canadensis. Hate to say it but I’m not a fan of any within the genus myself!

DSC_0182DSC_0184 DSC_0187 And then I could hear the sound of water again. We’d come full circle and I soon learned that the view was as stunning from this side as from the other!

DSC_0188 DSC_0189 DSC_0191 I am mesmerized with water. I do not want to be out on the water, but I love its whorls and eddies, its sound and seemingly untamable nature. The photo below is my favourite of the day! I should like to have someone paint it for me. Any artists out there?

DSC_0192And with that it was time to head back to the car! It was the perfect way to end a magnificent visit to Ottawa! Kindest, heartfelt thanks to M for providing friendship and transport, and to E for providing me with the best guided tours and a place to lay my head each night… it will remain close to my heart forever!

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outlawgardener said...

What a beautiful walk! Thanks for taking us along.