30 Nov 2012

The Missing Element: Locating the Perfect Sculpture

Tis the season for holiday shopping, and whilst my list is relatively short compared to some, I still find my wandering eye landing on items that I would like to find addressed to myself beneath the tree! Is this wrong of me? I have already found peace with the idea of granting myself one ‘gift to myself’ on my birthday, and well, this holiday season I am leaning strongly toward incorporating this same gesture. Let me explain…..

I have always been a staunch advocate that my garden space reflect my love of plants first and foremost! I want my rare and unusual beauties to be front and centre. In the past this philosophy has resulted in more than a few comments on the ‘lack’ of statuary and sculpture in the garden. Of course with a postage stamp sized property, it was relatively easy to justify its absence. Two years ago I finally succumbed and added a reflecting bowl, not so much as a sculptural addition, but more so to incorporate the element of ‘water’ into the garden. Even then, it was a challenge deciding what plants would have to be moved or sacrificed to make room for it.

DSC_0233 And so, yesterday after taping next weeks episode of ‘Through the Garden Gate,’ I decided to browse through some of our downtown independent stores. Sadly, the big blue behemoth box, known to many as WalMart opened its doors [at the end of my bloody street non less!] two weeks ago, and as is often the case, the sheer ‘novelty of it all’ has resulted in a full to capacity parking lot ever since! But please, don’t get me started on that one!

Anyway…. I was crisscrossing the street going from store to store [thrilled to discover a couple of new ones that seem to have magically appeared overnight] when I happened upon Joanie’s, a delightful shop that specializes is home decor. A pair of magnificent wrought iron birds [I want to say herons] adorned the front window. The great blue heron [Ardea herodias] is my favourite of all avian species. Its prehistorically graceful appearance, magnificent wingspan, not to mention the blueness of it make it an obvious choice, given my proclivity towards that most magical of colours! Close to 1m in height, I knew in a heartbeat that they would make the perfect choice as my inaugural introduction of sculpture into the garden. I quickly hurried inside to see how much they were. And that’s when it happened!

DSC_0012 My Gran taught me as a young boy that it is important to look at the world around you, and even if you are visiting a shop or boutique, it is respectful to the owner that you observe and appreciate their wares. Seems old fashioned I’m sure, but when you are an independent business, trying to compete with the likes of WallyWorld, it only seems natural that you take the time to appreciate the unique selection of giftware that the proprietor/tress has made available to their customers. And so, while walking down the aisles my eyes fell on a delightful selection of merchandise, each one unique and special in its own way. This particular store has a strongly visible section of merchandise that is geared towards gardeners as well. The scent of candles wafted gently about me, and it was at that precise moment that I happened to look down! Sweet baby Jesus!

DSC_0013 Suddenly the two herons in the window took a backseat! This was precisely what I had in mind on those rare occasions when I contemplated a central piece of statuary for the garden! I quickly gauged that it would possess a similar scale to the reflecting bowl, and observing that it was made for steel, in time it would age and maintain a similar rust/red colour as well. The botanically accurate Scirus acutus stems were simply icing on the cake! I knew what I had to do!

DSC_0017Somebody will definitely appreciate this!’ Indeed they will, indeed they will. Now to find a bow, and sneak it under the tree when no one is looking….. methinks on the 24th of next month to coincide with you know who’s visit! Am I the only one who allows for a little guilty self indulgence at this time of year? Sweet baby Jesus! Taken in the wrong context this question might offend some! LOL! I expect only the bravest of my followers to comment!


Patty said...

While I would not consider myself to be the bravest of followers it should be said that when something attracts you that deeply it should be acted upon. Congrats on your new garden sculpture! Herons are usually found near water ...features.

danger garden said...

Oh dear! Of course the best Christmas shopping includes a few things for yourself. Something along the ratio of 1 to 3 seems good. (yes that's one for yourself for every three you buy for someone else)

Marie said...

Good for you! Men are often terribly hard to shop for, so a man who knows what he wants is a dream! You didn't want a tie or after shave lotion did you???
As for me, I haven't visited "the new store" but am told it is a mob scene. UGH! Today was an absolutely gorgeous hoarfrost day and I so enjoyed it! Sending a large box to the grandchildren was lots of fun, a present to myself so to speak.