22 Apr 2013

Spring at Cedar Spring Nursery

** I am currently without a lens for my camera, so posts have been few and far between. Hopeful that the situation will be remedied soon. Luckily boss lady Sasha was generous enough to lend me hers! Kind thanks lady! **

DSC_0042 The excitement continues to build as I head into the busiest week of deliveries thus far! There is always a sense of apprehension when you’re starting something new, but I have been surrounded with nothing but support and an enthusiasm that is nothing short of contagious! I’ve been given the directive of building and increasing the presence of perennials, trees and shrubs at a nursery that has a loyal customer base who know that when it comes to annual bedding plants and baskets, Cedar Spring is it!

Copy of DSC_0046 There is only one way to herald in a new season of gardening when it comes to perennials, and that is with Helleborus! Luckily this year there are a slew of new introductions to choose from including H. ‘Spring Party’, H’ ‘Green Corsican’, H. ‘Pirouette’, H. ‘Anna’s Red’ [named for plantswoman Anna Povard] and one that I am most excited about H. ‘Penny’s Pink,’ which is said to have pink variegation to its juvenile foliage! A spring garden isn’t complete without a parade of Helleborus!

Copy (2) of DSC_0005 Everybody and their neighbours went gaga for Primula ‘Blue Zebra’ again this year. One has to admit that it is eye catching, but when it comes to Primula, in my heart of hearts, nothing comes close to the endearing double English beauties…

Copy of DSC_0051 Pictured above are P. ‘Corporal Baxter’, P. ‘Dawn Ansell’ and obscured because of its diminutive size is ‘P. ‘Miss Indigo’ which in my estimation will easily give the young upstart ‘Blue Zebra’ a run for its money!

Copy of DSC_0044 A perennial bench isn’t worth its weight if it doesn’t include at least one blue flowering perennial per every three trays! Seems reasonable does it not?

Copy of DSC_0050 Another genus that I want to introduce more customers to…… I love, love, love Epimedium [and so will Loree too when she opens her wonderous generous heart to their beguiling beauty!] and know that once my clients see them in bloom that they too will lose their hearts!

Alas, tomorrow the trucks will arrive at the crack of stupid so I had better get on with my evening….. hope to be back soon!




danger garden said...

I will go ahead and share that I publicly admitted to liking Thalictrum 'Evening Star' over on Peter's blog (the outlaw gardener) today...that's almost like an epimedium right?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there SWEETIE!
I am so excited for you with this new position and it looks like you are going to so enjoy it : )
I have Penny's Pink on order so I am very excited about that one too!
I so wish you and this nursery were closer to Kingston .. I would lose what little space I have in my mind and garden over all these gorgeous plants !!
Even at the "crack of stupid" I know you are having a ball with all of these wonderful plants : )
Take care and enjoy !!
Joy : )
PS .. what on earth happened to your lens ?

gardenbug said...

Fun to visit the other day...even though it was a surprise. You were having problems alphabetizing trays then. ;) How odd that I walked away with only one thing...even tho I said I'd buy nothing....and an epimedium at that. But I love dainty and white...NOT a danger plant.

outlawgardener said...

What a thrilling time for you! How exciting to be ordering things in flats and dozens and what a great opportunity to chat with people about the love of your life (plants!) I hope you are enjoying yourself!


It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love, love, love spring. Every day something new is happening in the garden. Plant sales are everywhere. I'm giddy.