20 May 2013

24 May Weekend in Teza’s Garden


Thanks again to Daniel Hinkley for bringing yet another stunning Disporum to gardeners attention – Disporum uniflorum, which is still widely known as D.flavens is a superb plant native to Korea and northeastern China. It creates columns of bright green, clasping foliage on erect clumping stems to 0.9m, with striking long and narrow, soft yellow flowers, similar in effect to those of Uvularia grandiflora, which are formed in terminal umbels in mid spring to early summer. Later, oblong bluish black fruit are produced in abundance.

DSC_0132 She may be a pink ‘Mlokosewitschii’ after all, but in my eyes she is divine! A delicate single flowering form that this year has presented me with four flowers!

DSC_0140My Bletilla is blooming. A Chinese terrestrial orchid that is rather easy to grow, its only demand being humus rich soil in partial shade, Bletilla needs to be included in more woodland garden plans. Long, lance like, slightly pleated foliage is handsome all summer long and the flowers, with a true orchid like pouting lower lip can sometimes appear two or three to a stem.

DSC_0144  The Rare and Unusual border is a mass of colour and texture, predominantly blue, green and fabulously chartreuse! Guess its not hard to tell who the caretaker is!

DSC_0148Cory Blue Panda is that you? Of course it is…. who else were you expecting? Fingers crossed that he decides to grace me with his electrifying handsomeness this year! He can be downright Divaesque when he wants to be…..

DSC_0157  DSC_0160DSC_0167 I cannot post without including my beloved Epimedium…. their bloom time is so relatively short [with the species I favor at least!] and there isn’t a moment when they don’t make me smile!

DSC_0174 The dainty flowers of Epimedium can be seen at the base of Tulipa saxatilis – my all time favourite within a genus that by right should be close to my Dutch heart. Oddly not!

DSC_0175Awww yeah! Hairy leaves can only mean one thing. Okay, maybe two but the other info might fall under the TMI category so I will refrain. I am beyond words thrilled to see that Meconopsis x sheldonii ‘Lingholm’ has overwintered for me.

DSC_0162 I am determined to have a yellow flowering Paeonia in the garden this year, and it looks like Paeonia x ‘Going Bananas’ [an Itoh hybrid] might just provide yet another ‘Sweet Baby Jesus’ moment! Stay tuned. In the meantime, is his foliage not to die for!

DSC_0178I love having a heron [okay, so he’s not blue!] that lives in the garden all year long!

DSC_0181The truly serpent like presence of Arisaema thunbergii var Urashima is always a welcome sight for a plantaholic who still considers this to be his first identified genus at the tender age of seven!

DSC_0195   DSC_0194 Mark me impressed! I have always loved Dryopteris wallachiana, but after this past week, spent watching his amazing fronds unfurl, I now have a new favourite fern! Judging from the photo below, he is nowhere close to being finished with the unfurling!

DSC_0196DSC_0187Cercis canadensis ‘Greswan’ [Burgundy Hearts] is showing us why it was given this moniker! I have been enamored of his more tender cousin ‘Forest Pansy’ for years, and didn’t think twice about snatching this one up when I stumbled across it last week on a nursery crawl with my boss!

DSC_0202It has been an incredible 24 May long weekend – perfect gardening weather meant record sales at the nursery, and also allowed for me to get the last of the compost spread, the new trees potted/planted and still allow me time to get up close and personal with the kids!


outlawgardener said...

Gorgeous images of your kids! Hairy leaves...you crack me up!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie your kids are looking very handsome indeed!
I have another epimedium coming from Canning .. I think I may be a little hooked on them too .. and how gorgeous is an unfurling fern to watch ? .. I still have to have a Jack in the Pulpit !!
Joy : )

gardenbug said...

A great long weekend, but the drama of the high winds, rain and hail were more than I needed. Now they're saying more thunderstorms today...followed by cold! When will I get to plant my vegetables and new plants? OK, patience, I know. End of May is fast approaching.