17 May 2013

‘I Think I Need an Intervention!’


It was the plant that haunted my dreams. With its deeply pleated,fan shaped foliage, so similar to an Elizabethan collar, and sublime pink and white flowers that look like some form of sugary confectionary, I knew that one day it would be mine! I’m taking about Cypripedium formosanum, and on Thursday morning, during a whirlwind trip to Lost Horizons, destiny intervened [perhaps this is the intervention I was talking about?] and our paths crossed long enough for me to grab one up and add it to my treasure trove! One can never visit this superlative woodland nursery without coming away with a clutch of rare and unusual beauties!

DSC_0140A Daniel Hinkley collection of Disporum uniflorum – one that he says outperforms the more common D. flavens. I adore the genus, and from the looks of this swollen bud, it is going to be a showstopper when it unveils its acid yellow pendulous blooms!

DSC_0141  The sublime Japanese terrestrial orchid Bletilla striata is about to bloom. Its divine two tone flowers with their petulant lower lip are always a conversation starter in the garden!'

DSC_0135 Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’ was the plant that initiated the term ‘Fabulously chartreuse’ for me, so it should come as no surprise that it should make its way into the garden in a most dramatic manner! Having it on my veranda is like waking up every morning to sunshine! I can’t imagine there being too many dreary days with this dazzler around!

DSC_0143 On a recent plant shopping expedition I came face to face with yet another one of my ultimate wishlist plants – Cercis canadensis ‘Greswan’ – an improved selection of ‘Forest Pansy.’ Deep purple, heart shaped foliage emerges once these charming pink flowers dissipate for the season, and the tree itself is said to be hardier by a full zone when compared against ‘Forest Pansy’ which is music to this addict’s ear! Yup. It too came home with me!

DSC_0145 A postage stamp sized property insinuates itself when choosing trees and shrubs. Such was the case with Larix kaempferi ‘Little Bogle’ – an extremely contorted semi dwarf selection of yet another favourite genus! His diminutive stature was the complete opposite of his ‘larger’ cousin Larix decidua ‘Horstmann’s Recurva’ which resides on the other side of the garage. I enjoy when my ‘family’ can incorporate cousins within various genera!

DSC_0146 Azalea ‘Northern Lights’ won me over with her sublime pink blooms. I don’t have a lot of pink in the garden and was feeling girlish delight when we crossed paths like strangers.

DSC_0147 One of my avourite plant combinations combines Diphylleia cymosa and Syneilesis aconitifolia – combining large palmate leaves with deeply lobed, shredded foliage. The combination has always stopped visitors to the garden dead in their tracks!

DSC_0153I came close to losing Disporum brachystemon last year through sheer carelessness, but managed to save it – luckily so, as it appears to be ready to bloom. I love its rich wine coloured flowers! Now I must patiently wait for it to bulk up for me. There is a staggeringly stupendous specimen planting at Lost Horizons that first brought this amazing plant to my attention!

DSC_0159  DSC_0158 Sweet Baby Jesus, who’s the dude with the dirty fingernails! The above two photos are of Lilium martagon, both of which appear to be building up blooms. One I have had for close to five years, and the other was yet another divine treasure that made its way home with me on Thursday!

DSC_0162 The diminutive Polygonatum verticcilatum has bulked up considerably over the past winter. One of my all time favourite genera, I seem to find one or two new selections every year! I wonder what will find its way home with me this year?

DSC_0167 As promised in the last post, here are some of the adorable Epimedium blooms that continue to captivate me this year!

DSC_0165DSC_0168 Epimedium ‘Windfire’ literally brought me to my knees in ‘hoophouse d’ on my Thursday morning sojourn to Lost Horizons. I want to say it is new to his collection this year. Just look at those amazing flowers!

DSC_0169DSC_0171 DSC_0172 Loree, is my blatant attempt at seduction working, even remotely on some subconscious level?

DSC_0177 DSC_0178 Sweet Baby Jesus, look at the time! I need to be up and helping Sasha and Jon with the morning watering before the crowds descend. Thanks for dropping by! It feels so good to have the camera in working order again….. now about that intervention!


gardenbug said...

I've had a date with a pile of mulch for the last few days. I'm dying to get to LH, but need to finish this first job. Every bone aches....
I checked out your shade items. :)
My Gillenia stipulata is back! Hurray! Also "Night Heron" is up.

See you soon I hope.


Well if you've got room in the garden for more children, why intervene? I think they look wonderful cavorting together. My Syneilesis has exactly three leaves. I can't wait for it to get big. And I also bought a Spigelia this year, also small but it might bloom so I'm happy. Love the Larix.