11 May 2013

A Most Serpentine Experience! [Psst… Loree are you Reading This?]


Once upon a time there lived a most peculiar plantaholic – one obsessed with the colour blue – and only the truest of blues would measure up to his somewhat lofty standards. It had all started with this…..

DSC_0610the delightful Corydalis flexuosa, and had gradually strengthened in its intensity to include this….

DSC_0037  His garden friends were convinced that once he’d mastered Meconopsis, the penultimate Holy Grail selection, that he might move on to something else…. seriously?

DSC_0166And perhaps he might have, had he not been ever so gently reminded of a tree that had caught his eye some years ago! Blogging friend Loree had purchased one sometime last Fall, and upon reading her post, his heart did what it always does in the presence of blue – it skipped a beat, and then another and then…. well, you get the idea.

On a whim while placing a nursery stock order at his new place of employ, he decided to throw caution to the wind, and casually glanced at the page containing Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’ [Serpentine form]

  DSC_0170 A week later, he got his answer! Still in a state of shock over the sheer size of the serpentine beauty, he has sold his soul to ensure that it will over winter for him.

DSC_0169 Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’ [Serpentine] is a delightful weeping form of what is often referred to as the Blue Atlas Cedar, native to the mountainous Atlas Mountain region of Africa, as well as Morocco and Algeria. With its weeping, pendulous form, the serpentine often thick branches are clad with bluish gray green needles in clusters, and upright barrel shaped cones.

DSC_0168It is best grown in deep, moist but well drained acidic loams in full sun. It does not tolerate poorly drained, wet soils, Alas, this shady character does have a few choice spots in his mostly shaded vampire’s den where it would bask in the sun’s golden rays most of the day! Of course the kicker is that its hardiness ranges between Zones 6-9 – of which this plantaholic’s zone is firmly one digit below the minimum stated. I know there is a massive potted specimen at a local supplier [the same one from whence this staggeringly beautiful serpent was shipped from!] and my intention is to quiz them most thoroughly when I visit next week.

DSC_0172 My employers also fell in love at first sight, so they too might be in possession of one before the end of the coming week. Oh, and while we’re at it I might as well confess that I’ve thoroughly blown my plant budget right out of the stratosphere! I know….. tell me something you didn’t know!

So Loree, how goes your experience with this beauty. A million thank you’s for jogging my memory. And now to think of a name…… I’m leaning towards Snape myself!




outlawgardener said...

There once was a blogger called Danger,
To Blue Altas Cedars no stranger,
Eschewig the weepy as something quite creepy,
Preferring her wood quite erect.

danger garden said...

Lovely! I am so happy for you.

Did you read the horrifying account of mine almost dying? Brown needles then they all dropped. It was not looking good. Turns out I thought it was getting rain water when it wasn't. I potted it up and babied it for a few weeks now there are fabulous new needles emerging, life is good.