26 May 2013

Did You Hear The Squeal?


I think I shattered eardrums within a one hundred mile radius, but man, it was so worth it! Those familiar will recognize the handkerchief like bloom as belonging to the somewhat rare and elusive Davidia involucrata – commonly referred to as either the ‘handkerchief’ or ‘dove’ tree. Native to China it was first stumbled upon by Irish physician and plant hunter Augustine Henry.

DSC_0140 This particular cultivar is Davidia involucrata ‘Iseli’s Fastigiate’ a stunning release from Iseli Nursery in Oregon. I love the notion that it will remain relatively slim in stature. I literally backed into it on a recent nursery crawl to one of our suppliers at work. I had my eye set on securing a pair of Acer shirasawanum ‘Aureum’ specimens which, thanks to our stunning specimen that anchors the rare and unusual Arboretum styled display garden, has become somewhat of an overnight sensation!

DSC_0153 You know you’ve stumbled upon something rare and unusual when it comes with a ID tag but no price, and a quick scan through the catalogue turns up nothing! I went inside and asked the desk staff if they knew the price, and luckily Brent was within hearing distance. He knew that I knew exactly what I’d stumbled upon and a quick database inquiry reassured me that it would be coming back with us! As Mastercard so eloquently stated, ‘some things in life are priceless!’ Case in point! Luckily he will reside in a spot where he will be able to grow to his full and majestic height, and hopefully he will reward us with a jaw dropping display of his white bract handkerchief like flowers in coming years! I thought I was on cloud nine when we started the new display gardens, but now I’m confident that I’ve reached the moon! Is there anything new and exciting in your garden that you cannot keep to yourself a moment longer?


outlawgardener said...

Congratulations on your new and fabulous plant acquisition! I first saw these in bloom at UBC Vancouver and later at Heronswood. Such a beautiful tree!

Caerulean Skies said...

Davidia involucrata is a tree that I would also scream about with great delight. It is on my list for next year. Spent too much this year. The flowers are stunning, and unusual.

gardenbug said...

Still not finished with the tidying up and mulching, so haven't made any big outings for purchases.
The weather has been alternating extremes: wet & cold with hail and tree damage/excessively hot and sticky. Today I moved a fringe tree in the rain.
I'm curious about your small vitex from last year. They are just beginning to leaf out!

David Leeman said...

HI Barry.....wanted to say Davidia is a tree ive long admired and also being my namesake......BUT I want to give "cred" to Pere Armand David who discovered it first inthe wild way before Henry. Im wondering as to its hardiness north outside of Toronto?? i know the cultivar 'Sonoma' is referred to as the toughest........love youre great pics.....by the way just planted one today in a clients garden she purchased from Whistling Gardens...

Barbarapc said...

In between the meepmeepmeep of the reversing construction equipment, I thought I'd heard meepsquealmeepmeep. Such a great little tree. Hope it wasn't too hideously hot at the nursery today.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie I am so happy for you !
Maybe that was YOU I heard thinking it was an ER vehicle ? LOL
I know you a re one happy gardener and floating on this high fro a while.
I found acer palmatum "Inaba Shidare"
at Home Depot of all places for ... $38 !!!! ... it will be included in the new focal point in the middle of the back garden .. I too am floating from this find .. so ? we two are not actually walking on the ground ? haha
Joy : )
PS saw Barb's comment on the heat in the nursery .. I was at a nursery yesterday in the country and OMG .. torture ! so I hope you are not feeling that way .. drink plenty of fluids !!