2 Jun 2013

Another Year Older in Teza’s Garden


After a wonderful dinner at Borealis in Guelph and a jaunt to the Bookshelf, I went into work this morning [my actual birthday] to find the store decorated in blue! There were even blue cupcakes. Huge thanks and hugs to Sasha, Jon, Keagan and extra special thanks to Logan who spent her free evening last night decorating for today’s festivities!

I cannot think of a better present than what greeted me in the garden upon my early arrival from work this afternoon! I’ve been anxiously pacing and waiting, hoping that my sole remaining Meconopsis x ‘Lingholm’ might decide to grace me with a bloom! The suspense is finally over!

DSC_0136A dazzling trio of Cypripedium calceolaris were also on hand to wish me a happy birthday! They represent one of the few yellow flowers in the garden, and never cease to make me smile when I see them peaking out from amidst the more robust surrounding foliage!

DSC_0151I dare you not to start humming RiRi’s ‘Under My Umbrella’ when you look at this photo. I never cease to be amazed when Mother Nature provides me with such stunning, un-orchestrated plant combinations such as this My Dodecatheon seems to seed itself everywhere throughout the garden – which I am more than willing to allow!

DSC_0138We’ve been blessed with a spate of warm, wet weather which has been received with open arms and thirsty roots by the residents of Teza’s Garden. Unfortunately some of the rain has come by way of severe thunderstorms with damaging hail! A continuation of gentle evening rains would keep us all content….. if you’re listening Mother Nature.

DSC_0140 Yellow is a colour that I’ve always shied away from in the garden. Not one for the garish, screaming, in-your-face hues, I finally succumbed when I discovered that the genus Paeonia offered the mesmerizing Mlokosewitschii – affectionately referred to as ‘Molly the Witch,’ as well as a few within the ‘Itoh’ hybrids, including ‘Going Bananas’ whose swollen flower bud is shown here. I am most anxious to see it in flower!

DSC_0155DSC_0156And then there is ‘Redbud of my Heart’ – Cercis canadensis ‘Greswan’ which is a hardier version of C.c ‘Forest Pansy’ with the same deep burgundy foliage that I tend to favour over its flowers. Oddball, I know!

DSC_0158DSC_0164 The new foliage of a small Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseomarginata’ reminds me somewhat of that of another personal favourite, Acer campestre ‘Carnival’ who by the way is looking much happier this past week! I was beginning to worry!

DSC_0167 Rhododendron ‘Roseum Elegans’ would not have crossed my radar had I not spotted a single, lonely pot at the local WallyWorld! Plant rescue number one!  I asked to see their watering log and they took me to the fireplace accessory department! ‘Nough said!

DSC_0166 DSC_0171 DSC_0183It was a wonderful way to grow another year older! A new five shelf bookcase was the proverbial icing on a cherry cheesecake from my family. Now to start alphabetizing my ever expanding library – or should I colour code all the books? Need to be up at the ‘crack of stupid’ tomorrow – another plant purchasing expedition at work!


Barbarapc said...

Happy birthday B. May your year be filled with new plants, adventures and lovely sunshine followed by gentle steady rain showers.
(I'd never heard it called Wally World. I was almost going to do a google search to see about this new nursery I knew nothing about.)

outlawgardener said...

Happy birthday Barry and many returns of the day! It sounds like being a little blue is a good thing for you! Viewing it from outside the industry, I think that plant purchasing as part of my job would be fabulous since I do it as a hobby all the time.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Good thing you can't actually hear me singing that ? hehehe
You have such a loving sweet(yes, SWEET!) personality that people want to make you feel special and happy .. especially on your birthday!
I wish I could share a cupcake with you ;-)
I am totally in love with your stunning maple and that blue watering can sets the colour off amazingly! I want both of them too!
In any case .. even at the crack of stupid you are going to enjoy those plants .. so have another good day and soak it in !
Joy : )
PS .. how old did you say you were?


Happy birthday to you! I wish my birthday was in June. What a joy to see your new little darlings coming into bloom, making your special day even nicer. And kudos to the coworkers for the birthday blues. This just proves what a great guy you are.

I have Fagus 'Tricolor' and it's pretty but not nearly as eye-catching as your 'Roseomarginata.' Wowzers!

I hope you bought yourself something horticulturally cool for your birthday. :)