16 May 2013

One Hundred Thousand Thanks!


Cedrus Snape is settled into his new home for the gardening season on the front porch, directly across from…

DSC_0133 Chartreuse Shira [okay, so the nickname is likely to change!] and between the two of them my front veranda will never be dull and boring again! I have been on a bit of a whirlwind plant acquiring spree this past week, all while juggling the fact that we are heading into what will be the busiest weekend at the nursery! So who are the newest members of the ‘family’ you ask? [At this point, I can only name names – the photo opportunities will be forth coming…]

Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’ [Serpentine], Acer Shirasawanum ‘Aureum’, Larix kaempferi ‘Little Boogle’, Cercis canadensis ‘Greswan’, [Burgundy Hearts – an improved selection of Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’] Azalea ‘Northern Lights’, Salvia koyomae, [replacement] Disporum uniflorum [Daniel Hinkley Collection], the long lusted after Cypripedium formosanum, Syneilesis aconitifolia, [to bulk up the collection!] Lilium martagon, [same as above, to bulk up the other solitary plant that after five years looks as if it too might bloom!] a delightful new Epimedium ‘Windfire’ with the most exquisite flowers [photos in tomorrow’s post, promise!] and Spiranthes cernua var. Odorata ‘Chadds Ford.’ Enough I should say, to have effectively blown my plant purchasing budget for the next three years!

I would also like to pause to give thanks to all of my faithful readers and followers. I can remember when I had 100 page views, thinking it was the cat’s meow, and only today I noticed that there are over one hundred thousand views! One hundred thousand thanks, with a special call out to Joy who posted the very first comment four or so years ago! Look what you started Joy!  And now I must retire for the evening….. sunny, delightfully warm weather forecast for the May 24 weekend is a sure sign that things will be hopping at Cedar Spring this weekend. For those on plant purchasing missions this weekend, drink lots of liquids and carry lots of boxes or wagons for all of your treasures!



Barbarapc said...

Oh Barry - how wonderful. And thank goodness for the change in weather, although as you said, I need to spend every available moment in the garden and then some. I want to know where all those treasures are going to go? Krystl (Gardens North) wasn't kidding when she said "germination shouldn't be a problem" with Arisaema consanguineum - 16 at last count. Very sweet seed leaves will have to post photo - doesn't look anything like parent at this stage - although how many plants do? Take good care. B


Very nice staging of the two trees. However I think there is room for a few more containers. Just sayin'.

Four years? Yes, it goes fast doesn't it. Joy has and always will live up to her name, won't she?