2 Jul 2013

An Apple, A Book and a Dilemma!


I was gifted with a sibling’s MacBook Pro, and while I was more than thrilled to receive it, I am not a MAC user! I have spent the past week unlearning everything I know about computers, which isn’t a lot to begin with. I am faced with one somewhat troubling dilemma though, and need your help!

DSC_0195A few years ago I discovered the world of Windows Live Writer when it came to creating blog posts. I have remained with Blogger [sorry people, cannot handle WordPress] and found their blogging platform to be, well almost as intolerable as WP! Now, having made the leap to the dark side of computers as it were, I am in search of another platform or app that will allow me to continue to circumnavigate the hell that is Blogger! Does anyone have any suggestions that a more than ignorant newby to the world of Apples, Books and Macs might be able to navigate without the urge to lob off his head in the process?

In the meantime, Iris ensata ‘Lion King’ has snuck up and caught me unaware yet again! This is the only Iris I grow and come next year, I think the ‘ensata’ and ‘siberica’ species will be the only ones I stock on the benches at CS! Is he not the true ‘King’ when it comes to Iris? And lets leave Disney the hell out of this conversation!

DSC_0196 DSC_0192 DSC_0193 It was time for Cornus alternifolia ‘Golden Shadows’ to get a hair cut! Four years later he was taking over the front postage stamp, and quite frankly, I was having a hard time circumnavigating! Never a good thing when one is spatially challenged!

DSC_0188 DSC_0199 Iris ensata ‘Lion King’ should feel right at home amid a jungle of growth and foliage that most gardeners have witnessed this year! I have nicknamed the space between the two houses ‘Slytherin Walk.’ Nothing comes close to the amazing whorled, starburst performance of Arisaema ciliatum var. lubiaense. See what I mean?

DSC_0201I wanted to kick myself for not taking greater effort to capture the beauty of a pair of Lilium martagon that bloomed for the first time in four years! In the past I always marveled at their wonderful foliage, but never witnessed any signs of potential bloom. I was warned when I ordered them that it might take five to seven years before they would bloom! Hell, I have waited that long for some of the shier children to show off, what harm could possibly come from another pair of shy children?

DSC_0206 I refused to have the white siding of the neighboring house as a back drop so it would require some light footed maneuvering on my part.

DSC_0208 DSC_0207 Short of a telephoto lens, it is going to take time for me to be able to capture Miss Lily at her stunning best! For now, we both agree on the second photo!

DSC_0212 Both of my Deinanthe [bifida and caerulea] have swollen buds that I am sure will open before the end of the week! I actually prefer it to its distant relative Hydrangea, with the exception of the beguiling H. serrata which I have a pair of in the garden.

DSC_0216 Every year Spigelia marilandica increases in size! I vividly remember planting it four years ago and only having four stems! This year he is covered with potential bloom….. tubular, pleated ruby flowers that culminate in a brilliant yellow star! Kind of like fireworks!

DSC_0219DSC_0218 I love my Euphorbia cornigera ‘Goldener Turm’, and this year it looks most vivid juxtaposed against the pink blushed bloom of Deutzia x ‘Magicien.’ A mirror image highlighting the beauty of both plants!

DSC_0223 DSC_0224 The newest kid on the block – Clematis alpina ‘Pink Flamingo’ will hopefully entwine herself with the more roguish Clematis rooguchi, both of which I have planted in a wooden planter that offers them a trellis for their future shenanigans!

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Barbarapc said...

I'm Mac-ing and Blogging. Frustrated with the set-ups and still not pleased with the way stuff looks - but don't have the time to fiddle around to make things better. Be sure you're backing your files up with your Apple. I've managed to lose the file/root/association between what looks like my photos in iPhoto and the actual photos. If there are photos you know you'll be using for presentations - make a file and toss them onto your desktop. My next step is trying to figure out how on earth to retrieve my backed up photos - definitely not as easy as Windows. At the moment just knowing they're nice and cozy in the little black box on my desk is all my mind can handle. Will be interested to see if there's an answer to your query.