26 Jul 2014

Have You Ever Witnessed An Eskimo Sunset?

A slight play on words when it comes to this most recent acquisition here at Teza's Garden. I am always on the lookout for the rare and unusual, and this goes for trees and shrubs as well!

Acer pseudoplatnus 'Eskimo Sunset' originates from the Esk Valley on the North Island of New Zealand. It is a medium sized tree that will attain a height of 3m in ten years time, making it a slower grower compared to many within the genus.

It is its foliage that brought me to my knees. It emerges it Spring exhibiting tones of orangish-pink, before settling to a light green, heavily splashed with pink, tan and cream. The reverse of each leaf is a sublime purple! Because of its consistent variegation, it demands a partially shaded location, away from the harmful rays of the hot afternoon sun. I have seen it placed in full sun to absolute catastrophic results, which is a crime considering its stunning beauty. Mine resides in a ceramic pot, placed at the base of a tree form of Cotinus Grace, where its foliage perfectly compliments Grace's deep wine colouration! 

It is difficult to display the reverse of its foliage due to its small size. I was lucky to locate mine at Whistling Gardens in Brantford. It was fate, as it was sitting by its lonesome, the beacon of loveliness that it is! Now I will have to find a place on the property to plant it for the winter. 

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

This is the heart stopper I asked you about ... so unusual so attractive .. it needs a space to put it on a pedestal and just admire it to hell! LOL
It really is gorgeous sweetie .. you are very lucky to have found it, but then I think it was meant just for you : )